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All you need is Mimi

It’s a really really rare event when I get an urge to buy myself things..I love to buy for others..or to find items for the blog..but for me personally? I just don’t seem to have the time lately…howeverrr…I popped over to Mimi’s choice yesterday …and was lucky enough to find Mimi Juneau  there herself ! I wasnt sure what it was I was hankering after, but I had it in my mind I wanted to see MEB’s latest gear. Id seen MEB items in a fashion show last year and somehow hadn’t got around to checking it all out…fortunately for moi mimi’s choice holds a lot of MEB yay! What was even more awesome was mini very kindly wore the outfits I thought I might like..so I got to see them on her…which is just amazing and super kind-thank you Mimi! I selected a couple of items and a couple more that I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t have been shown..above Im wearing the Riveria outfit..classy chocolate tone cardigan slung casually over a perfect silk knee-length skirt..effortlessly chic and I loved it as soon as I saw it…the very striking skin is from Gaall called Anna…stunning isnt it? It comes with makeups ,eye lashes and a neutral tone..personally Id love that all the makeups came with no hairbase (pretty please?) so I had to adjust my hair to cover the dark base a little.

I snapped up this free gift the Rive Droit jacket  from MEB while I was there…beautiful crisp blue & white summer shortie jacket,with roll back cuffs…would look sooper with jeans or over a shift dress…I teamed mine with a Jane layering t-shirt and some highwaist pants from r.icelli

This outfit caught my eye…the jacket is very versatile and the skirt just fitted like a glove with no prim fiddling required..its called “Deneuve ” and I had to have it ! I know I will wear and wear and wear the jacket…such a perfect addition to my SL wardrobe. The skin is again from Gaall,the Anna  with another makeup…dramatic eyes are so in vogue.

Before I got into my shopping frenzy with Mimi, I spied this sweet summer dress from GizzA ” Lolita Cherry ” its a free gift and I found the gift hair with the wide brimmed hat from OC went rather well with it. Absolutely adored the fat cream twisted belt with this dress…and again the Anna skin from Gaall with a different makeup…If you havent been to Mimi’s choice before you’re in for a treat, pop over and take a look around, big show rooms with the best in designer goodies..MEB,SF Design,GizzA and more ! There is also a free hair gift from Mimi’s choice called “Lollipop” which I totally forgot to show you !

Go get shopping: mimi’s choice       For the Gaall skins: Gaall (make sure you look around theres an enormous amount of gifts for you to try in the corner plus a great free skin!) Necklace in first photo by MIAO totally divine jewelery!

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Aloha July

I almost forgot to pick up Shiki’s gift this month, naughty me! Fortunately my memory kicked in and I ran down to pick it up.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Shiki’s Hawaiian shirts and this is another fine example of one. It is called the Oriental and is just lovely. Only one attachment to worry about, that being the collar, so it’s very simple and easy to wear. This shirt comes on multiple layers so it’s versatile and the floral designs over the black is just gorgeous. Seriously, I don’t know how Shinichi Mathy keeps coming up with cool new patterns on his Aloha shirts but he does and I love them!  You can also pick yourself up a whole bunch of previous gifts, if you haven’t already done so. Get on down there!

Get the gear here: Shiki

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Lifes a beach

Another box I received today is from Lelutka..bronze tone sarong wrap & bikini…plussss the hat with hair. The hat is mod so I fiddled a bit with the colour…you receive eight versions of the hat/hair…awesomesauce! Just head over…join the subscribo..slap it again for the history and select the number one in the menu…thanks for the gifty Letlutka!

Go get beach fit:Lelutka


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Go Dutch

I had a little gift plop into my inventory today from Dutchie…its an artists easel,stool, and a table with little pots of brushes & tube of paint…lovely animation and a brush to wear..seriously one of my favourite summer gifts…join the subscribo and pop over to make it yours.the usual to buy price is actually over 500L  this is a sooper generous pressie…have a wander while you’re there,it’s a vast place and there’s oooodles of pretties to see..thank you Dutchie!

Go get arty: Dutchie

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Drop The Bomb

Yes indeed, as Faith mentioned earlier, along with the three new releases for girls, there are some for guys as well and I’ve got ’em here to show you.

Above is the male version of the F Bomb. I’ve got to say, the colours on these three shirts really pop. You will definitely stand out in these.

Relax, I’m hilarious. It’s a good thing that my shirt says it because you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I’m always loving the slogans on T Junction tees, I haven’t come across one that I haven’t reacted to in some way yet.

This last one may be called “Zombies Ruined This Shirt” but I don’t think that they have, not enough to make it less awesome anyway. All these tops come on all layers, even the pants layer which means you can wear it untucked under a jacket or something, I love being able to do that! Run yourself down to T Junction and pick yourself up a couple of these shirts (before the zombies get a hold of any more).

Get the gear here: T Junction

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To a Tee

Hoooohaaaah new stuffage from T Junction always makes me a happy girly…above Im showing off in the “I’ve got your back” design..subtle and silly…I adore it (and of course its PINK)

Next up is the F Bomb…bright fire engine red…great logo…and as always comes on all layers with great shading & texturing…

Maybe my graphics card is lovin me extra hard this week ..or perhaps my new specs have kicked in…but Im sure these latest tee’s have a more marl effect texture? Whatever it is..I really like it…commmmme to the nerd side…great logo…fab tshirt…go mooch the store..luckyboards,discount area..guys dept is fantastic…which reminds me..Steve has some to show you also yay! thanks kalli x

Go get tee’d: T Junction

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Glamour never cost so little

Glam Affair..one of my most favourite places to go and cheer myself up when I’m broke – has new items!! I always dash straight over there to take a gawp…this time I avoided the elbowing going down by the skin dept. and scooted over to the clothes…snapped up this ensemble called Bologna. Great satin shine flared skirt & double layered tee…naturally, just 10L (everrrrything is 10L)

Then I spied this outfit called Oslo…fantastic denim one piece (it also has a purple sort of shrug thing with it, but I didn’t much like it) You get two types of pants,one wearable with prim cuffs,the other just straight with no cuffs required..Ive teamed up with a denim jacket from Poison and some black flats from In Her shoes (freeee-all shoes are free there woot) only 10L. The hair I’m wearing above is also from Glam affair,it’s called Katy, various shades available, a pack of 3 tones is only..youve guessed it..10L ! There is oceans of gear in this place..evening wear,casual,skins,hair and yes guys a whole dept.just for you.

Go get glam: Glam affair