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In Black & White

The other day when I was seeking out the make him over gift from Sartoria, I noticed another little gift bag lying on a little table and I couldn’t just leave it there, could I?

Inside there was the awesome shirt you can see above. Loose and casual, this is the shirt to be lounging around in on your day off and still look good. It comes on multiple layers and features sculpted sleeves and the body part to the shirt which all fit tremendously well.

 I couldn’t help but notice a rather large change in the design of the store while I was there. There is a whole lot of newness (at least to me) with a focus on black & white, way too much temptation for me. After I had picked up the gifts, I had to have this Barfly suit, like I said…temptation. I certainly didn’t have a suit like this in my inventory and I just loved the look of it. It is perfectly designed, wonderful details and the black and white stripes on the suit jacket look just amazing.

I so wanted to be sitting at a glowing oak bar with a drink in my hand wearing this suit, it is definitely well named. As you can see you get two tie options with it: the white tie in the first picture and the cool little black and white bowtie just above. All the attachments fit really well right out of the box and you even get a pair of socks thrown in! For this beauty of a suit all you will pay is L$400 which is a super bargain if you ask me. It’s definitely a worthwhile addition to your closet.

Get the gear here: Sartoria