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Drop The Bomb

Yes indeed, as Faith mentioned earlier, along with the three new releases for girls, there are some for guys as well and I’ve got ’em here to show you.

Above is the male version of the F Bomb. I’ve got to say, the colours on these three shirts really pop. You will definitely stand out in these.

Relax, I’m hilarious. It’s a good thing that my shirt says it because you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I’m always loving the slogans on T Junction tees, I haven’t come across one that I haven’t reacted to in some way yet.

This last one may be called “Zombies Ruined This Shirt” but I don’t think that they have, not enough to make it less awesome anyway. All these tops come on all layers, even the pants layer which means you can wear it untucked under a jacket or something, I love being able to do that! Run yourself down to T Junction and pick yourself up a couple of these shirts (before the zombies get a hold of any more).

Get the gear here: T Junction