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Make Him Over Monday

It’s double trouble at SF Design this Monday. Not only can you pick yourself up the usual fantastic Monday Mania item (more about that further down) but they are also participating in the Make Him Over hunt and have an absolutely gorgeous gift to grab.

It’s called the ‘After Hours’ vest and shirt. Take a look at the colours, soft lavender shirt and purple vest, you just know I’m going to love it and I do! The vest has got some great details and the pattern is lovely. With the multiple layers you can choose to wear the shirt and vest separately with it all tucked in or you can wear the untucked jacket layer like I am. With this gift you get the sculpted cuffs and collar which come in two versions: one with a resizer script and one without. Make sure to take a good look at the cuffs when you get this as the cufflinks are seriously awesome. You also get the fab loose, flexi tie as part of the gift and has a number of cool colours to choose from in its menu.

To find this hunt item, you have to take a trip over to the SF Design mainland store which you can find here: SF Design Lotus

Now onto this weeks Monday Mania which is this sweet bandana. This is something I definitely didn’t have in my inventory before and it’s always good to get something you don’t already have. It is really well made, wrapping perfectly around and draping over your chest nicely. It’s also colour changeable so you can tailor it to whatever you’re wearing and the pattern looks great. This is definitely worth picking up as it makes a handy, wicked-looking accessory and it’s only L$25 for today, you have to love that.

To get this bandana at the special price you have to grab it from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the SF Design men’s casual section, located here: SF Design