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Purple Moon Rising

We’ve got a special guest on the blog tonight (added by Faithless because I CAN-its DAY for me & zan aussie boy ). Our good mate Zan Beck has been on the prowl and picked up a couple of items you girls might be interested in from PurpleMoon Creations and Duh!

Now you all know how untalented I am at describing female fashion. Fortunately for me, Zan has given me a hand and so I’ll turn it over to her.

Getting back into the swing of grabbing freebies and group gifties and was seriously chuffed that with my first foray back I scored!

This Floral blouse comes from PurpleMoon Creations and is completely free. It is seriously sweet, especially when teamed with shorts, jeans or a mini skirt. A wide ruffle over one shoulder, leaving the other bare. Wide lace texture on the bottom but the main body is a lovely green, blue and red floral pattern and has an excellent subtle satin sheen to it. I’m going to be keeping this one for sure.

I definitely have to agree with Zan on this, this is definitely one pretty blouse but it’s not all she managed to get!

These are the Golden clogs from Duh! I’m so happy that this shop is still going as it offers not only good honest, wearable clothing but affordable! Their prices are so reasonable. These clogs are a great example of their quality. They just go with everything! Awesome little details on the side and buckle of these shoes. They are like that pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you always pull on when you can’t be bothered to totter around in ridiculously high heels or don’t want to put on boring flats. I’m happy to see that they have added a few accessories to their line as well.  Pop along and I dare you not to buy something.

So there you have it from our own Miss Zan, a couple of sweet items that you should grab for yourself. Thanks for being a sport while I was taking the pics Zan!

Get the gear here:
Floral Blouse: PurpleMoon Creations
Golden Clogs: Duh!