Gifts & essential jeans

Candy floss pink cute as a button dress is the gift from Poised at the moment..head over…join up…grab it while you can! Thanks Poise xx

Nowwww for the sooper new gear…”Kaii” jeans…fahhhbulous detail…prim cuffs…and scrummy colour choices…I’m wearing the candy colour ones above (of course,cause I’m lured to the pinkness)

This pair is labelled “dirty”…great casual gritty look…all teamed up with a previous Poised group gift the “little wing tank”..Go take a look at the colour range, you’re bound to find a shade you lubs lots..dont forget to slap the MM boards,stalk the lucky chairs and join the group so you can keep up with all the latest gossip!

Ok so I HAD to go grab up that b[ELLE]issima  gift that Bella blogged below,cause the skin that was in the package is sooooo gorgeous! I’m also wearing the “soul catcher” group gift necklace from Dark Mouse…long chain and a pretty charm on the end…perfect! Liking mah wig? Gift to the [e] group called “again”, chirpy little short style that Im really loving, blondes,browns,reds & black all in the box..(there is a join fee but it’s SO worth it)

Go get prettied up: Poised                       [e] (hair)           Dark Mouse