Funny Bone

Always sure to make me chuckle..newness from T Junction !  Five a day..wine? Sure whyyyy not..

Combo of hot nights & insomnia this Tee kinda sums up my WORLD over the last two weeks !

Saved my fav till last..so damm cute, I’m wearing it right NOW ! As always all Tee’s are 75L a pop…heaps more instore…plus luckyboards & special discounts…whizzzz over today and grab some up! (also on the market place for gift giving) thanks Kalli x

Go get funny: T Junction                        (Hair by D!va – group members gift)

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Wanna Race?

I was all set to go out running in my new shoes but then I changed my mind, pulled some jeans on, and raced over here to tell you about them. Seeing as it’s that time of the week, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I got them from SF Design for Monday Mania.

Yes, swaffette Firefly has put out these super speedy ‘racers’ out for you today. They are definitely some sleek runners. I’m loving the sort of padded look the texture has to them, reminds me of some of the hi-tech running shoes. The silver colouring of them is marvellous and shiny looking, you’ll definitely stand out on the track or the street in these. They come with that wonderfully handy alpha layer plus non-scripted and scripted versions so no matter how you like to resize your shoes, you’re covered.

For today only you can pick up these wicked Racers for the staggering Monday Mania price of L$25. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how good of a deal that is. As always, you can only get them at that price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section. Race on down and scoop them up.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Welcome back Jill !

Oh mai stars ..I still can’t quite believe it..Jill Lemon,designer @ *+*JILL*+* is back hurrrah!!!! When Jill decided to close her store last year, I was forlorne..I loved her clothes..I adored her bags & baskets..and her random wearables !!! (don’t know what Id do without my wearable dj set)  I was soooooo excited to hear that she’s back…and the store is OPEN ..I popped over (wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me) and my heart went all pittypatter as I walked in..instantly snapped up this to-die-for stripey black skirt (100L) and then feeling rather chuffed twirled aroundddd to find group & opening giftsss! The ruffly girly shirt is the grand opening gift…two lengths for the blouse are included ,plusss..the beady necklace comes in..wait for it…six styles *faints*,long,short,choker,both together..its pretty fabulous. For group members there is also a very chic leather look bracelet (tan,black & white)..I suggest you join the group to keep up to the minute ! Ohhh and there are two lucky boards, I stalked them for about 50 minutes as one of them has theeee most delicious basket in white in it..(I’m wearing the black version I bought before the store closed),beautiful animation in it..arm or hand hold..see if you get lucky!

Welcome back Jill,we missed you !

Go get the gear: *+*JILL*+*


Polka Dots & Union Jack

Yus I got all patriotic when I saw the latest dollarbie from CandyMetal! Sparkly Union Jack top,denim butt skimming skirt and leggings..all yours for just a single dollar ..

Also a rather interesting newwwww release..Miki is a complete outfit..skirt & top(s)..why the plural? Because because you get threeee versions of the shirt..the naughty one that I’m showing..the nice one..and a tease type ! You also receive two versions of the skirt…short and MAJORLY short,just 120L *grins*-thanks Emychan xx Go check out the store , its chock-a-block with dollarbies,and some real steals…ohhhh almost forgot to show you THIS…

I’ve been saving up my CandMetal…and this dollarbie also hit my inventory last week (apologies for the delay in showing it!) Great LBT with a lowww dipping back with fishnet leggings…the boots are a new release…called “seken” 100l per pair with many colour versions!

Go get Candy: CandyMetal


Geek the new Chic

Geek is chic,its official…I havent really embraced my inner geek…YET!  Steve has been milling about for months wearing geeky glasses etc..and Ive watched..thinking actually..”hey thats kinda cool”…but not finding  a way to expose my geekiness..until..along came “GeekGasm” the hunt. So I dipped my tootsies in and headed to one of my fahhhvourite stores Argyle Anonymous and snatched up the Geekgasm hunt gifty..loving it! Glasses complete with broken frame & plaster,tie,booty shorts and a sweet tee with calculators on it..Im SO there. It took my foreverrrr to find the gift…so it might be an idea to check out the official hunt blog for some tips & hints here: Geekgasm

Join the group while you there to keep abreast of future releases and all-around-lulliness, check the notices before this group gift goes POOF…adorabubble rolled cuff shorts…fitted me like a glove with no need to edit..and we lovvvve that don’t we ?!! Take the chance to update your landmarks while you’re there…the store has moved.

Go get geeked: Argyle Anonymous


Whats your Poison

Oh yum yum yum I have newness from Poison! Actually the store has had a gorjuss re-vamp…new layout..(and I notice shooooz also!) I’m gonna show you some rock & roll tee’s today,..pretty glam..and come in a box with versions for both girls & guys !

The sleeves have resizers in them for the purrfect fit…great logos…theres HEAPS to choose from…


Ohhh nearly forgot ! The rather deeelicious skin I’m wearing is from Bare Sensual…its called Moxie, adorable skin tone and all yours for just 10L *faints*…head over there and take a good long mooch about..there are some great skins at verrrrrry reasonabubble prices !

Go get Tee’d: Poison    Moxie skin: Bare Sensual


How about coffee & Culture?

I’ve been confined to bed for a couple of days (yayaya poor me huh) and it was super exciting upon my return to Second Life to find an invite to a gallery opening for today! Lola Lykin has opened her “Muse Gallery & Coffee Shop” this afternoon…and I went along to find out all about it.  I was thrilled to see a gallery opening, so many seem to be closing lately, which is a great shame…havent been to a gallery in Second Life yet? I suggest you pop along to this one, its friendly,welcoming and has beautiful areas to relax in..a bar to prop up…and of course..the art.

My best friend Giasone Catteneo came along with me, of course we found the chill area irresistible after we had perused the prettiness and flopped for a few…Lola has displayed some of her favourite erotic pieces, photos & drawings,very varied. There were two I just fell in love with and so wanted to take home..see if you can find the ballerina sketch…its just gorgeous.

Caught up with Lola before I left by the bar (naturally !)…she tells me that the collection will change occasionally…I shall certainly visit again. Thanks Lola for the invitation !

Go get arty: The Muse Gallery & coffee shop