Laced Up Heart

Esther Jen: Damask Corset Black/White - 50L

I popped on into Esther Jen to check out the newest releases available and here they are!  Super cute and totally to-die-for pieces!  I absolutely love this Damask Corset in black/white.  The lace trim along the cleavage adds the perfect touch to it, and ending right at your waist, you can pair it back to any bottoms you may have!  The pattern is absolutely beautiful…I couldn’t help myself so I picked the pink/white one up too!  They’re only 50L each so go grab them!

Esther Jen: Corsage Top - 50L

Also new to the store are these Corsage Tops…soooo cute!  I’ve been after this hot pink all summer and I just couldn’t resist.  The lacing at the bottom right below the bust-line gives the top that extra edge.  You can pair it with your favorite jeans, shorts, skirts, etc.  Anything!  Also only 50L so scoop up all of the colors!

Esther Jen: Caged Heart Necklace *Group Gift*

And don’t forget to stop by the desk and pick up the latest group gifts!  This amazing necklace is available free for group members! The length of the chain fits perfectly right below your cleavage, and dangles to show an adorable glowing heart within a cage.  The color of the metal is so vintage, it’s perfect to add to any outfit!  Also, the skull eyepatch below is your second group gift available.  The lil skull with a pink bow on its head is just tooo cute, you just need to pick it up!  Don’t forget to join the group if you haven’t already!

Esther Jen: Skull Eyepatch *Group Gift*

Also if you haven’t picked up the Very Cherry Dress or Rings from one of my previous posts, Jennie has just added them to the lucky boards upstairs so go on and try your luck!

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