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Monday Mania time has rolled around once again, are we excited? SF Design has yet again got some fabulous stuff to grab for even better prices.

This week sees swaffette Firefly giving us the L’Amour Vest, Shirt and Tie Set and it is a beauty. The vest is a stunning deep blue with some subtle patterning to it and looks tremendous with the crisp white dress shirt and matching tie. The vest comes on multiple layers so you can wear it as you wish and you also get two options with the collar and tie: the open collar and loose tie that I’m wearing, or a closed version with the tie tucked into the vest (there is also a different version of the shirt to wear with this collar option). You can also choose to wear the collar all by itself if you wanted to. The cuffs are gorgeous with their blue cufflinks that just sets off the entire thing. As usual, the attachments come with scripted or non-scripted versions to cater to your resizing preferences.

For L$25 how can you resist such an awesome looking set like this? Remember that the L’Amour Set can only be purchased at this price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section. Oh and there is a pretty little blue cocktail dress for you ladies just across the way!

Get the gear here: SF Design