I think someone put rocket fuel in milo bubbles  tank..hubbidy hubba she’s been busy again…and Usami is the latest release ! I tried it all on this morning and havent taken it off yet…another absolute winner for my wardrobe…what sets this apart? Welllll…its all in the details girls..lets take a closer peek…

This is how it went on to me straight-off-the peg…no fiddling…no messing about…but each piece does have resizers in it anyway…the little ties are perfect and you’ll find them dotted about at various points of the outfit..the hat I did have to make larger, but once again that handy resize function made it effortless!. Check out my bag…it carries a fab animation..zoooom in, and look at the items inside..aint that just sooper cute  *laughs*. I see milo & gang on the magazine cover..a brush..makeup..oo and I think some perfume..love it ! The pants are stylish black…and have a slight sheen to them for glossy appeal..fantastic outfit for mooching about & shopping…and all your for just 199L ..oh btw…the outfit..you get TWO colours for that price black & maroon *faints*..

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