Get your Disco groove on and twirl with Katie

I just had to show you this new group gift from Amacci..its the Katie Skin avec *twirl* makeup around the eyes..you get an amazing pack of skin tones from fair to rich dark..just join the Amacci group and look in the notices to collect it.

I’m also wearing the Disco Deals item from Dark Mouse “waves & sun* necklace, absolutely to-die-for and incredibly just 99L..comes with two attachment points (chest & spine)

…it’s a real beach time classic..beads and leather cords..just purfect. Oh andddd I also picked up a fantabulous pack of 6 poses from {Terho} only 99L and well worth the visit…each pose is also mirrored so you get 12 poses ! (the swimsuit is the Monroes gift-still available !)

Go get em: Disco Deals