What’s your Essence?

Essences: Sarah skin in mocha - 800L

So I’ve been looking for some great new skin around town, and I ran into a lovely lady named Inka Mexicola, creator of Essences.  She makes some great skins that are available in her store right now!  This one is her newest skin called Sarah in mocha, and has SO much variety!  There are 5 skin tones available, and 8 makeup options for each skin tone.  You can buy individual skins for 800L, or buy all 8 options in a skin tone for 2500L.  Each skin has the option of cleavage or no cleavage.  You see no cleavage here as I have nothing on!  Also included are hairbases for ash black, black, dark red strong, platinum, red, and red brown hair.  They do match most colors of hair that you may have!  You know when you find a skin you like, put it on, but it completely changes your face?  This skin barely changed my face!  I was so pleased!  Make sure you check out Inka’s store Essences and join her group for information on updates!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her work around town!

Essences: Sarah skin in Nougat - 800L

Taxi to {essences}

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