Bubblez and The Black Butler Hunt

It’s sneak preview time yay! Milo Bubble was kind enough to give me an early look at her item for the upcoming Black Butler Hunt (June 1-30).

Bubblez Design’s gift for this hunt is the Sebastian Outfit which is this stunning tuxedo. It includes the coat, pants, shirt and gloves. As always from Bubblez, the detail on this tux is brilliant, especially on the attachments such as the high collar, the buttons on the cuffs, and the chain running across the waist. The white gloves also give an extra touch of class to an already elegant outfit

This was one outfit where I just had to zoom out a little and give you the full effect. See how long the coat tails are? I love that. This looks like a hunt that is worth your time and Bubblez Design is definitely one store in this hunt that you have to check out. For more info on the hunt, including the list of stores participating you can take a look here: http://little-crown.blogspot.com/2010/12/vendors-list.html

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design