Itsssssss Disco Deals time hooooorayyy! Gawd Kesseret Steeplechase @ MIAO sooo knows how to perk me up.. she makes undies…gorgeousss smexy sweet cute ones..Trust me girls, the guys will go wild over these, boy pants & vests = guys going goooey (it’s a bit like when you wear one of their shirts awww)

What do you do when you’ve got new knickers? Eat chocolates of course…especially if the skivvies in question are comfy and stretttttchy…

There are four…yesss four sets of vests & knickers in this offer for Disco Deals..and a real steal for only 80L *faints*..hop-skip-jump over to the riot room today and snap them up …might see you there ! (This offer is only from Friday till Sunday hurry hurry)

go get skivvies: MIAO @ Disco Deals