Two into one…does go…

What happens when two creators get together? Its simple..you get one amazing store with two times the talent ! Le bloom is such den of goodness,pretty things all around. I popped over to their grand opening a coupla days ago and instead of dancing I scoped it all out. Theres some wicked complete outfits for way under 100L…seperates…dresses…and more ! I even spied a little home decor upstairs (yes dont invite me to your home , I do camsnoop!) I’m wearing the midnight mania gift that was available on the day of the partay…sooper cute denim skirt,cardi,tee,even knee length socks and shoes!

Looks equally as good minus the cardigan…cute tee is great for wearing with jeans also.

Matching flats with lovely laced detail complete the ensemble…

Head on over and check it all out.there were two packs of gorjuss little tshirts by the main door when I went for just 10L  ..don’t forget to join the subscribo to keep up to date with all new releases etc !

Go get blooming: LeBloom

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