The Cat’s Meow…

Aqua: Cat's Meow - hunt gift

Sooooo I got a super faaaabulous tip from the lovely Zan….10L sale at Aqua! Obviously the second I saw that I hoped in a cab and headed right over there!  Before I even searched for the sale items…I spotted an Easter egg hunt sign!! Oh boyyy I can’t resist hunts…so there I went searching for every single possible egg I could find in that store!  Some were reeeeally well blended in…but alas! I found em!! hehe There are 8 eggs in total for women and 8 eggs for men.  If you find them all, they make a complete outfit! Yeeeeee so this is the lovely outfit for our smexy ladies and kittens out there….It’s called the Cat’s Meow, and has a fabulous tiger print!  The arm and leg warmers are such adorable details, and there’s also a longer tank top…butttt I obviously prefer the bikini top! Head on over there and snatch up all those eggs!!!

Aqua: Daring Deirdra - 10L

After I felt completely satisfied in finding my eggs, I stepped on over to the 10L items!  They’re located right by the MM boards in the back.  This Daring Deirdra dress comes in 6 colors, but I just love the silvery mercury color.  It’s uber sexy and the detailing of the texture really hugs your torso.  Only 10L? Amazing!

Aqua: Eversong - Silver Glitter/Pink - 10L

This next evening gown is also only 10L!  Looow deep cut on the torso gives you that obvious opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got ladies! Long sleeves and an a-line skirt gives you just that right amount of elegance for a night out with that special someone.  The diamond detailing under the bust just adds to the sultry look…love it!

Aqua: Swan's Song - 10L

And finally….the Swans song!  This dress gives you a long and short option…for only 10L!  My favorite accent of the outfit is the black feather boa, so even though the dress is super short….the boa covers your shoulder to add a modest touch!  You also have the option of long and short gloves…..as you can tell, I’m a BIG fan of options with outfits!  Who doesn’t want to mix n match?!

Anywayy….head on over to Aqua and scoop up your hunt outfit and these great deals!  ALSO…don’t forget to take a look around the rest of the shop.  There’s also an Easter sale going on….25L for ALL single items.  I snooped around and found looooads of things but I just don’t have enough space to show you all piccies!  hehe Enjoy!

Dive on in: Aqua

*Credits: Hair by Truth | Skin by Lara Hurley Skin | Shoes (in Cat’s Meow outfit) by :::LiNe:::