Knickers or panties? bra or brassiere?

Lingerie by Hollee - Olivia - pink deluxe

Call it what you will…I prefer Lingerie myself…or knickers just because it’s so quaint..my mother says “undergarments” *eye rolls*..anywayyy you may recall a little while ago I was rather excited because I had found a new lingerie store..divine gear and so affordable..well..the designer of said store Hollee Dion showed me a new style shed been working on, it’s called Olivia and I ❤ it SO much.

Lingerie by Hollee - Olivia - chocolate

Each single pack contains two versions of Olivia, one edged in black, one in white plus white & black stockings..for 30L that’s a real bargain.

Lingerie by Hollee - Olivia - turquoise

What am I not showing you? Whyy the derriere view of course…lets just say the knickers are prettttty high cut..and Im a shy kinda girly!!.. Its a classy collection that’s been beautifully made..tiny details make them lush…gorgeous shades to choose from..the fat pack is incredible value at just 120L for ten colours *faints* that’s erm…gawd..12L per set..go gettum!

Go get pritty : Lingerie by Hollee