EluZion Specials!

EluZion: Fiorenza - 10L

Sooo I was in the mood to search out some bargains on this lovely Sunday afternoon….and boyyyy did I find some great ones!!  EluZion has 2 outfits on promo for only 10L!! ::squeeee::  Fiorenza has some awesome sparkly detailing, with a high collar, flutter sleeves, and either this petal skirt I’m wearing, or a mini prim skirt!  Aaaand to top it off….it comes with the fabulous matching boots and tummy piercing!!!  So go strut around and shine like the star that you are 😉

EluZion: Katixa - 10L

And for those of you lookin’ for something new to wear out dancing with that special someone….Katixa is the perfect blend between elegant and sexy.  For only 10L, you get the dress (also comes with a shorter dress option), bracelets, earrings, and necklace!  Both of these outfits are definitely worth more than 10L so go scoop them up while they’re still on promo!  Don’t forget to take a walk around the shop for some other awesome outfits to add to your growing wardrobe!

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