Lucky Stripe

I am usually quite unlucky when it comes to those so-called ‘lucky’ chairs and boards, the A’s just don’t seem to come up for me so I usually don’t give the boards and chairs too much of a look when I see them. However, while I was at *Muism* yesterday to pick up a new pair of jeans, one of the lucky chairs came out with a ‘anyone can win’ message and I jumped on it.

The prize that was on offer you can see above: the  Stripe OS Shirt in Navy. This is a beautiful smart casual shirt, I do like my stripes and the colour of these are a fantastic, really lovely shade of blue. The bottom of this  is pretty short so you might need to wear something under it (or high-waisted pants) but it still ends up looking awesome. You also get three different looking sculpted collars to choose from with this top and it also comes on all layers.

This is definitely worth being patient for and hoping for your letter to come up. However, the prizes seem to rotate and there are some for guys and girls. Go check em out and good luck!

Get the gear here: *Muism*