Hello Cocolita

Bubblez Cocolita Outfit 199L

Even in my Secondlife I do like to undress seductively..Im not a one-click-and-its-off kinda gal. I like to peel off layers, wear lingerie under my clothes…and wear heels to bed *winks*…So milo Bubble has come up with a way to help me ! The new Cocolita outfit is a dress…and lingerie..worn with the ckeeky little skirt its a sweet butter wouldn’t melt dress..peel awayyyyy the skirt and you’ve got some seriously smexy..lingerie..

Bubblez Cocolita Outfit 199L

Isnt that clever girlies? It also comes with some strappy bound gloves and a lacy headband…as always..its all in the details ! (choker by Ganked, it’s not part of the outfit!) Thank you milo *squidges*

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