The Dressing Room Celebrates BIG time!

Ahh yes its balloons & cupcakes all round..its The Dressing Room’s first birthday! I was quick off the mark as there were some really amazing birthday bash deals on.. R.icielli has always been a favourite of mine and they had this fantastic special spring set on offer..you get allll that you see in the pics for just 70 of your Linden dollars…see below..

R.icielli special spring set petra mini dress (part set total 70L)

One part of the special spring set is this scrummy “Petra” mini dress. Rich burgundy reds and chic biscuity golds..fabulous belt to nip in your waist, could easily also be worn over pants or a really tight pencil skirt..

R.icielli Mattori poncho & Clarissa high waist jeans

Next outta the box was the Mattori poncho & the Clarissa high waist jeans. The poncho looks so soft  like cashmere and is in a very delicate light pink tone. I’ll be honest, if you’re not so good at prim fiddling the poncho might be a stretch for you to fit well, but it IS copiable so make a copy and play around with it, if it goes wrong you’ve got backup! The high waist jeans are just a joy..I love this style, classy yet casual in this fabric. They co-ordinate beautifully with everything in the collection.

R.icielli Marietta mini top and Clarissa high waist jeans

Another top that really goes well with the jeans is the Marietta minitop, it’s that pretty deep plum shade I adore, all prims and fits like a dream. Such a versatile item that would team up with heaps in your wardrobe also.

R.icielli Margot belt and Larissa top

Finally I get to show off the belt of all belts, truly its just heavenly. The detail on it is superb and it has a handy dandy rezier script in for easy fitting. It looks equally good with the Marietta minitop, and I felt it sealed the top of the jeans nicely also. The Larissa Tshirt is fun, cropped short for a great spring summer look. All the above comes in one set for 70L, incredible value !

R.icielli Claudia mini dress and CoCo boots

Each designer this week also has out a 40L item (woohoo!) There was sooo much to show but I plumped for the R.icielli Claudia mini dress and at 40L its a gem. Deep olive green shade, magnificently shaped hem and a sparkly chest section that adds some glitz, topped off with a gentle slouchy neck all in a low key glamorous satin effect fabric…just perfect (I added a pair of Indie rose leggings because the dress is kinda short for me *blush*) . I’m also wearing the CoCo leather & canvas boots that are on sale during this week at TDR, just 50L *faints* pretty dainty shade of beige that will go with oooodles of other colours, comes with an easy to use HUD for resizing. I just fell  in love with them and got grabby hands !

Thanks to all that run & organise the TDR and Happy Birthday!

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