Poised go a Huntin (with a new group gift too!)

Poised Whateva April Group gift

HoooHaaaa the new Poised group gifty is out…its a cracker..ruff ripped jeans with puuurfect cuffs and a simple silver tank with prim midriff…deadly casual look thats super handy to have …thanks Poise!

Poised Mix & Match hunt "dear tee"

Above I’m wearin the Mix & match hunt gift from Poised called “dear tee”, I just adorrrre the pants on this outfit..they have a slight shimmer to them, with faded stripes…SO unusual..to complete the look is a sludgy greeny,silvery diagonal slashed top (and thats a mouthful to say huh?)
Name of hunt: Mix & Match Hunt

Dates of hunt : April 1rst to 23th 2011

Blog : http://fashionfreakssl.blogspot.com/

Poised Cover My Furry Butt hunt gift

Nextttt is the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt gifty..gawd I adore suspenders with jeans..its a great style…couple that with these funky print jeans..anda zippered tee…its a real winner. (belt & cuff by Kosh)

This is a themed hunt for furries but you don’t have to be one to play!  Many designers will be giving away items that can be used for humans and furries, so grab the starting point below and join us for lots of fun!

Grab the LM here to the start location Derp.! : DERP

Poised April fools hunt "Hyper"

Phewwwww and lastly the April Fools hunt…a slinky dinky dress with grungy leggins/tights and the sweetest little skirt..risque sheer net body teamed with fruity lemon fabric, it’s an eyecatcher !

Don’t be fooled by the vendors in this difficult hunt! Each one has hidden not one but 2 prize filled goodies (in addition to any non-filled decoys). The catch? one of those prizes is a dud, and the other is the real prize. Better find both prizes at each location or you could end up with prim cubes, spoons and logo t-shirts instead of the awesome real prizes.

This hunt will NOT have published hints. However SLurls to skip in case of difficulty will be published on the Eclectic Dreams Hunts Blog. (http://eclecticdreamshunts.blogspot.com)                           Start here

Happy Huntin : Poised