Scar Tissue

A group notice the other day jogged my poor memory and it occurred to me that I hadn’t been to …Scars… in the longest time. So, I picked myself up and decided to go over and have a mooch around. Their clothes are fantastic; a diverse range of stuff from t-shirts, hair and coats and more. The prices are very reasonable as well, from what I saw there was nothing priced over L$250. I couldn’t very well resist picking up a couple of things and I thought I’d show them to you all.

First off is the Cardigan and White Shirt set which is sold for a tiny L$130. This is a wonderful layered item with the grey cardigan sitting over the crisp white shirt. I’m loving the multi coloured buttons on the cardigan and the grey and black design that runs up the middle of the white shirt and around its collar. Although the set looks fab put together, you can also choose to wear just the cardigan by itself or the white shirt by itself. All the variations also come on all layers so you can mix and match to your heart’s content with this. The collar and cuffs are also super-easy to fit. You can also buy this set in different colours.

The second item I picked up is another layered jacket and shirt combo called the Design Jacket Set. I got it in blue but there are a range of awesome colours to choose from. Again there are good options to wear with this jacket as you can wear the jacket and shirt in long sleeve or short sleeve or you can just wear the jacket in the same sleeve length variations. There are two different collars you can pick to put on, one being with the stole like I’ve got on in this picture or one without a stole. The Design Jacket contains a prim bottom for the coat and cuffs for both the long and short sleeve versions of the jacket. The price for this set is L$250 and I thought that was pretty wicked considering the different options you get with this.

So there you are, just a couple of the many wicked pieces of clothing you can pick up from …Scars… and if you don’t remember or didn’t see my last post about this store, there are a selection of cool group gifts you can pick up as well.

Get the gear here: …Scars…