On the Canvas

Ah yes, the Mania is upon us once again. Monday Mania, that is. SF Design has some nifty headwear for you guys as this week’s item: the ‘Canvas Cap’.

I love a good hat/hair combination and the canvas cap is definitely that. First things first, the hat itself is very cool the texture on it is great, it looks like it would be nice and rough to the touch. To me this has a little military look going on that I like a lot. It is colour changeable as well with six different colours to choose from including: stone, khaki, brick, grey, denim and navy.

Now onto the hair which is a neat, short style peeking out and it’s extremely well made. The hair itself also comes with colour change options. Again there are six different colours: red, brown, blonde, black, dark brown and dark blonde. While I try to avoid red hair in Second Life unless it’s absolutely necessary(got enough of that in real life, thanks) all of the other colours are very wearable.

With both parts being colour changeable there are a huge number of different variations you can pull off with this great looking lid while looking cool and casual. Better yet, this just fits. I didn’t have to play with this at all in terms of resizing it. The best part, of course, is the price. As always with SF Design Monday Mania items, the canvas cap will only set you back L$25 for today only. You can find this at the Monday Mania price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the men’s casual section entrance.

Get the gear here: SF Design