Sadie Sadie married Lady

Zaara Shubh dress

ooOOoo on a trip to [elikatira] for newwww hair today, I wandered into the other stores around and found this deeelightful dress from Zaara set out as a gift! Its creamy & lickable, flows around you with great detailing…thanks Zaara, it’s a keeper ! If you’re wondering, YES I couldnt resist newww hair also, I bought one called “Mood” from [elikatira] only 220 for a fat pack of bright blondes yummmmeh ..why did I use this song as my post title? Shhhhhh its a biggg secret and Ive been banned from telling, BUT..she willl know why ❤

Go get hairy: [elikatira]      Zaara