5th Avenue

Mimikri - 5th Ave white

Oh Mimikri…Mimikri..what am I to do….you have sooo much deeliciousness..I can never decide on anything! Seriously girls, if you havent mooched around this store…do so. The range is vast..detailed..and SO different . Pants suits,dresses,casuals,jackets (to-die-for) I get TOTALLY bedazzled ! On my last visit I eventually decided on the 5th Avenue dress..just adored the spring flowers laced around the hem, the frilly underskirt is frothy..and the frilly jabot at the neck the perfect finishing touch..stunning!

5th Ave white

Popped over to GOS to snare myself a white pair of his truly magnifico “platform pumps” in black and white…lotsa options on these with the colours, you’re really getting two pairs of shoes in one, I’m wearing them in all white with the strap..reasonably priced under 300L ! Go check out the GOS store, you will droooool..the boots are gorgeous..umm so are the shoes..ooo and there’s sunglasses!!…*faints*

Mimikri - Trixi pink 100L

Something I hadn’t noticed before is that there is also a discount room..I was smitten with the Trixi in pink and just adored the lacey bows..

Mimikri - Trixi pink

100L is such a great bargain for this little dress, it has two ways of wearing it, tight shift with a front bow…or with the flowing short skirt and longer rear bow…the fabric detail is rich, beautiful shading and creases make it look so tactile..superb! Absolutely squillions of outfits to snoop…go take a wander !

Go get mimicked: Mimikri  For shoes : GOS