The Brits are coming!

CandyMetal Tina Complete Outfit

Hoooooohaaaaaaa the Brits are coming !!! Yeahhhh…this got my juices going for a Monday mawnin..BRIGHT glittery..sparkly ! The newww complete outfit from CandyMetal is rather yummmmeh and dazzzzly…check it outttt..Soooo what do you get with a full outfit? You know there’s *complete* and complete right? Welllll you get…..

CandyMetal Tina Complete Outfit 150L

alllll of the above plus  a bag (which durrr I forgot to wear-gimme a break  though it IS early) Boots,jeans,glittery top,bag andd a skin, with cleavage and no cleavage options…for justttt 150L *faintsdies*..thats COMPLETE ! *squidge* for Emychan Aichi who lemme show you the newness !

Go get the Brits: CandyMetal