Baby Doll

Shiki baby doll

Flirty, floaty,rufffffly little baby doll dress is the newwww VIP gift from Shiki! Its super pritty and ruffffly…and if you don’t want to be a  twirly girly…you can wear it like this…

Shiki baby doll dress

There is a group join fee (I forget how much but it isn’t  alot!) Each month you will be able to go get your paws on a VIP gifty hurrah! Also, there is a VIP room where all the previous gifts are hanging for you to take also…and trust me..Shiki are really just one of those classic groups you neeeed to be in..great workmanship…lovely details…!!

Go get dolled up : Shiki

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome post! by the way, SHIKI no longer charges a group fee and it is free now. We made it free as we wanted to make it as newbie-friendly as possible. Thank you 🙂


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