49er Style

No, I’m not talking about the American football team, I’m talking about the 5th installment of the week-long event known as the ’49 L Sale for Dudes’. This event started on March 18 and will end midnight SLT, Saturday 25 March. It features a great line up of stores including SF Design, *FIR*, KMadd, Adjunct and more. Today I’ve thrown together a few items from three of the participating stores: Acid & Mala, [Shag] and Zoobong.

The hair and hat come from [Shag] and is called ‘Depp Redux’. It’s a great looking long style that comes in three colours: Kitten, Cashmere and Bistere (which I’m wearing here). The goes well with the hair and the best thing is how well it fits, I don’t like to fiddle with fitting hair too much so I was glad I didn’t have to.

The shirt and sweater combo from Acid & Mala is the ‘Argyle V-neck sweater’. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I’m loving the colour and texture of it. You can choose to wear just the sweater by itself (and on multiple layers) if you wish but I like the look of the shirt underneath it. The shirt collar comes with a resizer script and the sweater cuffs finish it all off nicely.

Last but not least are the ‘Franco’ jeans from Zoobong. Wonderfully creased and slightly faded blue jeans, they are very well done. They come with good-looking, bunched cuffs and a handy alpha layer that makes fitting them that much easier. The ‘Franco’ jeans also come on the underwear layer.

Of course, all the items in the 49 L Sale for Dudes are…L$49. It’s a great event and well worth travelling around to each and every store, you’ll find some great gear. You can find a complete list of the stores plus SLURLs here: http://49lsalefordudes.wordpress.com/

Hair: Depp Redux – [Shag]
Sweater: Argyle V-neck sweater – Acid & Mala Creations
Jeans: Franco Jeans – Zoobong