Butter wouldnt melt…

Argyle Anonymous Bella Bloomers

Theeee sweetest outfit that ever graced my butter-wouldnt-melt self ! Argyle Anonymous have newwww gear and its edibubble…and cute..it will make boys want to huggggggg you forever ! The Bella Bloomers are an all-in-one deal..and despite trying this style of pantalooony things on before without success (think gaping leg prims)these DO fit…kudos to Swan Ling for making them fit right outta the box hurrrah!

Bella Bloomers

I chose the brown shade (naturally cause I’m in brown mode lately ) but they do come in a few other tones that are super pretty…you can also buy the bloomers as a seperate and team them up with your tee’s & shirts..

I noticed on the *coming soon* board a coupla items I’m already panting for…looks like we gotta keep an eye on this place, she keeps sneaking stuff in without fanfaring it..*arm foldy pose* how naughty !

Go get bloomered: Argyle Anonymouse                 

 (for some reason when I use the LM I end up in the ocean! Just fly up if you do and head in a straight line to the store, its right in front of you )