Heels & chambray days to come

SF Design March gift & cargo pants

Its sooo sunny and almost warm here today, when I popped over to SF Design to snaffle up the March gift I got all giddy and bought a pair of cargo pants too!

The shoes are a yummmmeh leopard print,menu driven to change size AND colour! (7 in total wooot!) Call me an Essex girl but sometimes I like to wear heels with casual pants *winks* (I can say this because I AM an Essex girly , so there) I slipped on my old worn SF design chambray denim shirt too, love this, comes with a midriff showing short version or the longer untucked (see below) I always seem to miss stuffage when im in SFD, I’m guessing the cargo’s have been around a while now but I just HAD to have them in white too! Great prim leg pockets and slouchy cuffs…perfect for your sneakers orrrrr heels !

SF Design chambray shirt & cargo pants

Heres the chambray shirt in its full length glory, so casual and fresh! You can also spy the awesome detailing on the leg pockets of the cargo  pants (click for a closer more detailed view) Shoes 0L, chambray shirt 160L (in various colours) Cargo pants 100L (various colours-get lots they rock!) Boys there is a fantastic pair of shoes for you as a gift also, no doubt Steve will blog these later so I wont spoil the surprise !

Go get heeled : SF Design