Angie baby…

Ange Group gift

I popped over to see a photography prop in ange jacobus’s store called “Ange’s” today and was totally *squealyyyy* about this little green dress ! It’s for St Patricks day but I just loved it period. It has two luciousssss big bows, one at the front , one at the rear and a beautifully shaped hem , a real stunner ! It’s free for you this month hurrah! ( Check me out in my Dark Mouse lucky chair jewelssss *ooo sparkly!* Im sooo unlucky usually but lately I have had a change in fortunes …won this magnifico set ! Dark mouse also has a sale on at the moment, if you don’t own some dark mouse gems..haul your little tushies over there and buy some up at amazingly low prices.)

Anyyyyywayyyyy….onto the THIS….

Ange dress form photography prop 200L

…thisss is what I wanted to try out, the dress form photography prop. Saw it on the market place and couldn’t believe it was such good value at 200L. Headed over to check it out and snaffled it up straight away, it’s stacked with heaps of poses, standing,sitting,kneeling,laying etc . Plusss it comes with this colour changing box which is really nicely textured..instant studio! The camera is a free gift (wearable with pose included) that you can snap up -pardon the pun- along with the photographer tee…the reallly superduper thing is Ange has set up gasquoooodles of mini photo opportunity areas, great studios, photospheres allll sorts of things for you to try your hand at taking some amazing piccies !

Join the paparazzi : Ange’s

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