Then There Were Nine

Oh dear, only nine days to go until the MENstuff hunt comes to a close. I’ve been running around trying to get to as many places as possible before the end and I’ve managed to grab another batch of items to show you all today.

First up is this outfit from Tres Beau Designs, called ‘Checkmate’ in brown. It’s a versatile outfit as you can choose to wear either both tops as I am above or just the darker brown ‘under’ sweater and the attachments are included for both. The checks in different shades of brown are a nice and different touch as well.

Duh! always have great shoes and their addition to the MENstuff hunt is no different with this lovely pair of tasseled loafers. Beautifully designed (especially the tassels themselves) and easy to fit with their script, they are some wicked looking footwear.

Next on my list is this shirt from Pig. A new store to me but one definitely worth going back to judging by this shirt. It’s called the Southwest Corner in faded blue. It’s got a very casual look to it with top and bottom buttons undone and little skin-showing gaps. That’s usually not something I look for in a shirt but I liked the look of this one on me very much.

Last but not least for today is this pair of boots from Deco. Again that’s another store I hadn’t been to before and reinforces my opinion that this is what makes hunts so worthwhile. These are called the *Newsprint* Test Boots and while it’s a little hard to see in my picture, there is indeed newsprint on these boots. I don’t wear longer boots that often and looking at these, I wonder why because I absolutely love these ones.

All four of these items are definitely ones you should grab if you haven’t yet. I’ll be showing you some more of the gifts as I pick them up before the hunt comes to an end.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Complete Outfit – Tres Beau Designs (Hint: Shed a little light on the subject)

Picture #2: Loafers – Duh! (Hint: Behind the pink door (men’s section))

Picture #3: Shirt – Pig (Hint: Hampuddle)

Picture #4: Boots – DECO (Hint: These boots were made for walkin)



Nothing is as good for getting you moving than a 50% off sale. Earlier tonight I had a notecard from Reek saying that they are having exactly that and so I was off lightning quick! They have some amazing gear down there, especially the ‘Papercut Cardigan’ you can see in the picture above.

I’ve wanted to get one of these for a while now but for some reason or another, I had never gotten around to it. Now I know why: I was subconsciously waiting for this day. At L$87 a pop, I was sorely tempted to grab as many as I could carry because there are a lot of great colour choices for this cardigan. I managed to restrain myself and just get two.

This is a unisex cardigan as the sculpted attachments come in men and female versions. It’s definitely one of the best cardigans I’ve seen, the texture is just so amazing looking, my picture doesn’t do justice to how well this is done. There are two different versions to the cuffs: rolled and straight (I’m wearing the rolled version). There are also three different types of collar: one with a hood up, one with a hood down and one with no hood at all. The buttons are colour changeable as well. There are a lot of different ways to wear this cardigan and they all look awesome.

This cardigan is only one of many cool items they have down at Reek and this 50% ends tomorrow so you should hurry because this is one sale you do not want to miss.

Get the gear: Reek


At The Wash

You’ve got to love a bargain. Faith took me down to the Cart Sale at The Wash yesterday and there was so much goodness for only L$10 a piece, I had to bring back a few things to show you.

The first is the ‘Forest’ shirt from Hell Bop you can see in the above picture. It’s a military looking shirt, covered with nicely done insignia. It also comes with a collar, cuffs and epaulets. Each of these attachments handily come in both large and small sizes for easier fitting.

The next items come from the same store’s cart: b[elle]issima! Above is the gorgeous tweed jacket, there are a few different colours to choose from in the cart but I went with green. The tweed texture is lovely and the bottom of the coat is done on the skirt layer so there’s no prim fiddling required there. It does come with a collar and cuff attachments however and they both fit and look great. This is a great little coat, definitely one to pick up.

Lastly is the Vest Suit, again from b[elle]issima. It’s a wicked pinstriped outfit (I love pinstripes!). The shirt is a slightly darker black than the pants and the stripes are done well on both. The Vest Suit comes with attachments for the collar and cuffs on both the shirt and pants.

For everything I’ve shown you here, you’ll only pay L$30 and that’s just a little slice of what’s there at the Cart Sale. There’s a lot of cool stuff down there and all at such amazing prices. Get down there and take a look while it lasts. (added by Faith-because I CAN – I just wanna say that we arrived at the cart sale and Steve said after about 3 minutes “I cant seee anything great for guys here”, I then proceeded to drag his sorry butt around SHOWING him the stuff..and he says Im the impatient one? Soooooo typical of a GUY *eye roll*)

Get the gear here: The Wash


beauty is skin deep

SwS beauty mark 1L
I went with Steve to the Wash cart sale..and while I was there struck lucky with these face tattoo layer beauty marks…by SwS..you get 4 in different locations all for 1L hurrah!

SwS beauty mark 1L

They are verrrry subtle & realistic…probably the best I’ve found in the 2 years I’ve been looking !

Have a gander at the cart sale also..many many items to pick up for the princely sum of 10L and under. Guys Hell bop has some lully gear for you, I think Steve picked up a few pieces to show you  later.

The wash cart sale


scrrratchhhh Miao

MIAO Emerald Emma Sweater 0L

meowwwww Miao…I seem to be on a lucky roll lately ! Miao has this really coolio scratch card system…and ohmaiii I LOVE scratch cards in real life…I received one today from the subscribo group..you have to go to the store and wear the card as a HUD..then you get to scratch off 3 areas of your choice…and I won! I received the gorjuss Emma sweater in emerald above. It seems with each purchase you make there’s a scratch card in the folder too..so of courrrrse I checked out my others..but booo no more winner for me today. While I was there I re-shopped  the 30L sale thats running outside the store ..

MIAO Elsa womens cuff 30L

and snapped up this adorabubble cuff bracelet…the sooper cool thing about miaos’s jewelry is there are soooo many options. This cuff has metal choices,gemstone choices,accent jewel choices and accent metal choices too! I’m wearing copper metal, with gold metal accents, emerald gem, and topaz jewel accents..you could change it to wear with anyyyyyything! Take a look around, don’t forget to join up and get those lucky scratchcard’s !

Go get katty : Miao


Brrrrr, baby its cold outside

Monroe's Group gift Winter coat in Ash

We’re still having some verrrry chilly days in the UK…infact sometimes frosty..So this group gift from Monroe’s is dead handy-dandy. It’s a well designed peacoat, in an easy to wear shade of ash. Great texturing, and super duper details like the buttons and shawl collar make it a keeper..it has resizer scripts in all the major prims to make it simple to fit to your shape !

Go get warm : Monroe’s


Bounce Bounce Bounce

Bounce Valentine Diva Hunt bolero & subscribo gift dress

oh oh oh another new-to-me store ! I came across bounce on the Valentines Diva Hunt an snaffled up their prize of this stunning red bolero..isnt it devine? Lots of fluffiness & rufffliness on the collar,cuffs and waist..such a beautiful deep burgundy red shade…a real wardrobe gem. Decided to join the subscribo while I was there andddd…

Summer nights dress- subscribo gift

…as a gift for joining was given this pritttty dress yay! Check out the rear and all that lowwww plunging lacing…oh la la..easily matched with the bolero also..

Go get bouncy : Bounce