Here Kitty kitty kitty

Honey Kitty free dot skirt & cami

I’m on a bit of a roll today finding new & cute items..trotted over to Honey Kitty to see the new lucky board item and noticed this  soooper sweet outfit for free ! You get a white cami and the skirt-with-or without bow…in two colours red as above anddd…

Honey Kitty free dot skirt in black

…in black too! Go scoot over and take a look around..there are some verrrry twirly girly outfits…loadsa lucky boards and the whole store is just incredibly pretty awww …(this gift is behind the main desk to the right, there are also some lovely little animated purses for you to take)

Go get girly : Honey Kitty


You want style?

VS Style has got it in spades ! I caught a couple of dollarbies on the market place…

Above is the Fall special promotion, gorgeously detailed chocolate-brown sweater with bunchy cuffs and a raised prim hem to flash your midriff…over stunning prim cuffed pants…I love this..its been on my bones all day !

VS Style special Winter promotion 1L
also this , the winter promotion tube top over high-waisted tweedy pants. Absolutely love high waisters and the delicate shade of the knitted tube shirt is devine !

VS Style Kat dress new subscribers gift
Nowwww if you’re super smart, when you find these little gems on the market place , always always alwayssss go check the main store ! I liked the two outfits I found sooo much I hurried over to see what else the designer made..I wasnt disappointed! A really classy fresh collection of pants, shirts & outfits, and reasonably priced..decided to slap the subscribo so I could stay up to date with newness and received this sumptuous Kat dress as a gift! Holy Gramoly…great day!

Go get styled : VS Style

Links for the two dollarbies as follows : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VS-Style-Special-Winter-free/1962807



Are you feeling lucky?

Bubblez new luckyboard gift

ooo there is newness on the Bubblez lucky board..and its something totally different from milo bubbles usual designs, its lacey…and slightly sheer..long cowl neckline, short short short skirt…with modesty covering knickers ! Pop over and see if you can snap this racey little number up!

Also a special promotion outfit called “Dana” is just 75L at the moment yay! butt hugging shorts, uber cool leather belt and thee cutest crop top you ever did see..also a priity bra that just peeps out of the tee…awwww lully !

Bubblez Dana outfit 75L

GO get bubbly : Bubblez


An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The Godfather. What an iconic movie. When I hear that name, I think of the theme music and Marlon Brando sitting at his desk in that tuxedo. In this tuxedo. Yes indeed, swaffette Firefly sent me her brand new release which is ‘The Godfather Tuxedo’.

It’s a gorgeously faithful recreation of Brando’s tuxedo from the movie, right down to the rose boutineer. As always with an SF Design the details are brilliant. The vest, shirt and pants are a gorgeous black but not too dark that you can’t appreciate the fine details.

 This tux comes with two different versions of the pants, one with the tips of the vest showing and one without. It also includes two different sized flexi coat bottoms that move nicely when you walk and two different options for the cuffs: one that is meant to be worn with the jacket and one set of cuffs just for the dress shirt itself plus the collar and tie. I always love the look of the collar and tie on a SF Design tuxedo and this one is no exception. Shoulder pads are also included that give the shoulders a nice round look. All of these attachments come with a resizer script for easier wearing.

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention the shoes. These gorgeous, formal black leather dress shoes come included in The Godfather tuxedo and are a perfect match to the rest of this amazing outfit.

This is absolutely an offer you cannot and should not refuse. This tuxedo is being sold for L$500 and with the quality and quantity of the items included, it’s a bargain.

Get the gear here: SF Design High Society



Hello soldiers. I’ve taken a break from hunting to show you this weeks Monday Mania item.

This week it’s the Military Jacket and Cap. It’s a lovely grey coat with black details on the collar, buttons, pockets and cuffs and said details are lovely. There are a lot of additions with this jacket, including epaulets, cuffs, collar and coat bottom. The collar comes in two versions for different attachment points (so you can still wear your necklaces). The cap that comes with the coat is also very nicely made and in what was almost a first for me, I could wear it with my hair without having to make the cap monstrously huge, mega plus.

All this can be yours for today for the usual SFD Monday Mania price of L$25 so get yourself down there and pick up this military marvel. Just remember, the Monday Mania price is only from the Monday Mania board, just inside the men’s section door.

Get the gear here: SF Design


P.S I love you…

P.S Style dollarbies

Popped over to P.S style to snap up a new group gift and found some other gorjuss stuffages ! Everything in the above piccie is just one of your linden dollars..yes, even the shoes- these can be found on the third floor…along with…

P.S Style dollarbies

thisss sexy little black cardi and the skull denim skirt…both 1 L…

P.S Style Feb group gift

This is the sooper amazing current group gift (group join is free !) Really cute shirt,jeans with a lully sort of sheen to them..andddd those clog shoes…arent they deelicious?

P.S Style group gift for Feb

Above is the new Feb group gift..you get the coolio sneakers, two-tone jeans, shirt AND the spring skin with the luscious lips ! Beautiful tones of lilac… feel free to click the pics for a closer view but be warrrrned, it’s a big bewbie day!

Go get styled : P.S Style


All Business

Happy weekend folks! I’ve got a wonderful weekend deal to share with you guys courtesy of Carrasco’s.

Tesa Carrasco has put out her business suit in light tan for a stunning L$125 for this weekend. This is a gorgeous suit, I love the colour. It is definitely a very light tan, almost cream, colour. With the matching tie and white shirt, it’s a beautiful combination. All the details are great: the buttons on the coat, the creases in the coat and pants are all really well done. The same can be said about the attachments. With this suit you get cuffs for the pants and dress shirt (that come with some very nice diamond cufflinks, lapels for the coat and two different versions of shirt collar and tie: one to be worn with a vest and one not.

As good as the attachments look, sometimes you don’t feel like fitting prims or even attaching them to begin with (of course this could be just me). If that’s the case, this suit has got you covered because the jacket and dress shirt come in another version that includes the lapels, tie and collar already drawn on! So all you need do is wear these versions and presto, you’re wearing an awesome looking suit without having to play with prims.

This is such a great suit and since you can grab it for the amazing price of L$125 for this weekend, it’s even better. You should definitely take a trip down to Carrasco’s and check this out along with her other fab gear.

Get the gear here: Carrasco’s