Hello soldiers. I’ve taken a break from hunting to show you this weeks Monday Mania item.

This week it’s the Military Jacket and Cap. It’s a lovely grey coat with black details on the collar, buttons, pockets and cuffs and said details are lovely. There are a lot of additions with this jacket, including epaulets, cuffs, collar and coat bottom. The collar comes in two versions for different attachment points (so you can still wear your necklaces). The cap that comes with the coat is also very nicely made and in what was almost a first for me, I could wear it with my hair without having to make the cap monstrously huge, mega plus.

All this can be yours for today for the usual SFD Monday Mania price of L$25 so get yourself down there and pick up this military marvel. Just remember, the Monday Mania price is only from the Monday Mania board, just inside the men’s section door.

Get the gear here: SF Design