All Business

Happy weekend folks! I’ve got a wonderful weekend deal to share with you guys courtesy of Carrasco’s.

Tesa Carrasco has put out her business suit in light tan for a stunning L$125 for this weekend. This is a gorgeous suit, I love the colour. It is definitely a very light tan, almost cream, colour. With the matching tie and white shirt, it’s a beautiful combination. All the details are great: the buttons on the coat, the creases in the coat and pants are all really well done. The same can be said about the attachments. With this suit you get cuffs for the pants and dress shirt (that come with some very nice diamond cufflinks, lapels for the coat and two different versions of shirt collar and tie: one to be worn with a vest and one not.

As good as the attachments look, sometimes you don’t feel like fitting prims or even attaching them to begin with (of course this could be just me). If that’s the case, this suit has got you covered because the jacket and dress shirt come in another version that includes the lapels, tie and collar already drawn on! So all you need do is wear these versions and presto, you’re wearing an awesome looking suit without having to play with prims.

This is such a great suit and since you can grab it for the amazing price of L$125 for this weekend, it’s even better. You should definitely take a trip down to Carrasco’s and check this out along with her other fab gear.

Get the gear here: Carrasco’s