PJs for V-Day

Yes yes, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and that means gifts. Chocolates, flowers, balloons and…PJs.

Zoobong has sent out this pair of red (of course) pyjama pants for us guys for Valentine’s Day. They’re perfect for lounging around on the 14th, the material is shiny and satiny looking, adorned with little white Valentine hearts. They ride low on the hips, exactly the way a pair of satin pyjama pants should be worn. They also come with a pair of slightly folded cuffs and a loose tie-string for the waistband.

So there’s my first Valentine’s gift of the year to show you all. If you’re not already a member of the Zoobong group you can join it and find your gift still in the notices section of the group information, all you need to do is save the attachment. Little warning though, the group is not free to join and will cost you L$300. It’s well worth it though as the gifts this group sends out are wonderful.

Get the gear here: Zoobong