It Begins

Well it began nearly a week ago actually. I’m talking about the MENstuff Hunt, yesterday I told you all that I’d be showing you guys the gear from the hunt as I collected it and while I haven’t done too well so far, I’ve got a few things to show you now.

We start at the start, the very beginning of the hunt, with KMADDs gift of their brilliant spiked ‘do: Colt which (I think) comes in the MENstuff exclusive colour of Skunk. White at the front, black at the back. You won’t be missed wearing this that’s for sure. You also get the eyes you can see in the picture. ‘Nature run’ they’re called and I thought they were great, the pale but very vivid blue is very…eye-catching (pun intended).

The t-shirt, jeans and belt you see here are Alphamales entry for the hunt. Again I think this tee is an exclusive for the hunt and it’s a good one. Basic black, how can you go wrong? I also love the cross and wing design on the front. The belt and jeans complete the black look perfectly. The jeans come in high or low waisted versions and there’s also a corresponding belt for each height. Well fitting and great looking prim cuffs are included for the jeans and the belt is resizeable via a script.

The final item I have to show you today is from Hardwear. This is one of the reasons why I think these hunts are such great ideas: you find stores you’ve never been to before and see what other great choices you have in what you wear. The gift from Hardwear is the complete outfit you can see above which includes the Bewildered shirt and Nightshade waistcoat and jeans. There’s a lot of versatility with this outfit, you can wear the waistcoat by itself, the shirt as you see it above by itself and there’s also an open buttoned version of the shirt tossed in as well. I love the crystal bolo tie and the fact that the shirt is a deep, lovely purple, well that just makes it even better in my opinion.

The poses you see me in are also part of a 5 ‘Rockstar’ pose set you can get during this hunt from Eternal Dream Poses.

Get the gear here:
Picture 1: Hair and Eyes – MENstuff #1 KMADD  (His Name is COLT. Find new displays and you will find your GIFT)
Picture 2: Tee, Jeans and Belt – MENstuff #2 Alphamale (Stop at a white intersection)
Picture 3: Shirt, Jeans and Waistcoat – MENstuff #10 Hardwear (Grab me by the balls)
Poses: MENstuff #8 Eternal Dreams Poses (check the hint giver)