The devil in disguise.. mmmhmm…

Always thought the devil was male ? Youre SO wrong..its a SHE…and she makes clothing right here in Second Life *gasp*..I knowwww…unreal huh? I’m a hardcore clothing addict and yet even *I* dithered…fiddled..tossed clothes about with abandon..on..off..on…off…until exhaustion set in and I was  a gibbering excited sweaty mess !! It was frenzied..and joyous! oh uhm…anywayyyy…Janie Marlowe  , I hereby charge you withhh..selling seriously addictive FUN clothing…readers, I WARNED you did I not about the piggie tights..??? Look away NOW if you’re still getting over them…(if you’re not, click the pics for a closerrrrrrr viewwww )

Onto ALL the new & goodness that’s arrived for Jane yay!

Jane pack of free lace skirts & bella sweater in raven

Ok its “showww time” and big news…Jane has a pack of these adorabubble lace mini skirts as a gift for you! They come in six colours and just fit purrfectly ! I teamed one up for a day time look with the newwww bella sweater..various ways you can wear this and its comes in squooodles of shades .. 75L per colour or grab yourself a greedy pack with all three in for just 145L.

Jane convict sweater & lil piggies cable knit tights

Next up another two new additions to Janes collections, the handy-dandy convict sweater at just 50L and MORE lil piggies tights *faints* these are cable knit and the detail on them is sumptuous..as the norm with Jane’s gear..you get sooooo many colors to choose from , at only 50L per 3 colour pack..you can afford to splash out yay! Seriously check this out in close up and see the texturing ..

Jane lil piggies cable knit tights raven & bella sweater milk

more lil piggie goodness this time in raven, worn with the new bella sweater in milk…

Jane bella sweater in powder , new lace shorts , bella scarf

Soooperdelicious new shorts, such a great design idea with a delicate lacey edging around the legs, ideal for mixing up with all your other Jane items (75L per shade or greedy pack for 145L), various colours available. Worn with the bella sweater in powder and the  coordinating bella scarf (simply squillllions of colours in the scarfs !)

Jane convict sweater, convict jacket and them lil piggies again!

Dont I look classy huh? I adore this convict jacket..it so easily sits over sweaters or dresses…comfy to wear with NO prim fiddling required hurrah! Three colours to choose from or of course..the good value greeeeeedy pack.

Jane convict sweater,piggies cable knit tights, convict jacket

ya I know…I need someone to come over and blow torch the piggies tights offa my legs ! But cmonnn look at the colour of these ones…almost edible aren’t they !

“The” thing is..the big “thing” is…YOU get to choose your outfits…all parts of it..you dont have to buy a complete outfit that maybe you like only bits of, you’re in control at Jane’s. Each piece is sold individually because.. you are an individual..take a wander around the store or when you select an item, make sure you look at your other Jane pieces, they all co-ordinate so beautifully. The colour palettes run through the whole store, so if like moi , you’re a “truffle” hound…you can mix & match all overrrrr the place !

ooOOoo jut a quick snapshot of all the lacey skirts to finish up !

Jane free lacey skirt pack !

 Go get um : Jane


Up the Junction…its time for newness !

T junction "Team me" 75L

yippeee its new goodies from T Junction ! I couldn’t stop laughing when Steve & I put the “Team me” tee’s on..just sooo funny..we’re both rather vain creatures..just seemed appropriate that we received these !

T junction "Beer" & "Princess" 75 L each

I alwaysss wanted a tee with my *name * on it …so glad T junction finally made one *winks*…awww Princess ! Steve has always been a guy to think about the enviroment..lol

T junction new releases 75L each

“I’m unreliable, disorganised,inefficient,unmotivated & immature”…BUT IM FUN! Sums up most guys huh ! (ducking) as does..”I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it” for meee…

Go mooch at T junction today…the new releases are to the right just inside the door if you wanna pick up the above, nother room has reduced tee’s (some of my favs are in there !)..heapsss to see !

Go get shirted: T junction


Are you Insatiable… in a phone booth?

mmhmm I am ! Get a load of this…aliannamarie gossipgirl the designer of Insatiable fashions is sending out a VERY generous group gift today (through subscribo & group notice) It’s a HUGE pack of her stereo love hoodies, in fahhhbulous colours  ! Five shades in all..heres my two current favs ! click the pics for a closer view ..

Insatiable Fashions

After Pink, its gotta be greeeeen ! They come with two different types of hood, one over your back , the other kinda half way up..

Insatiable Fashions

wanna know about the phone booth Im stood in? Wellllll its a new release from CandyMetal ! 6 poses…and so well designed, I HAD to show it off ! All yours for 150L !

~CandyMetal~ Cabina Telefonica

Go join the group to receive your fat pack of gorjusnesss !

Be a joiner : Insatiable Fashions

Andddd thats not all ! I popped over to check out the newness and stubmlebumbled over a gift box placed out for us ! Its stufffffed with goodies…heres a few..

Rock dress - gift

The rock dress is awesomesauce..snug fitting, great splash logo !

Sweater tank - gift

Adore this sweater tank..tactile look to the fabric..and of course its PINK yay!

Rockstar jeans & white bra (from Lea dress)

you have to do the rock star look once a month at LEAST right! Sooo bra with jeans…kinda fits the theme…actually I stole the bra from another outfit in the gift box ..comes in black too, just wayyy too pretty to wear under stuff !

Lea dress - gift

Pretty plaid dress..with the black under bra…

Forever young tank- gift

The Forever young tank…strapless with a wildddd motive !

Head over to Insatiable Fashions, join up & be spoilt with these amazing gifties! Take a wander around, there is much goodness – don’t forget upstairs either ! Saw some gorrrjuss tanks up there.. thank you aliannamarie  !!

Go get spoilt : Insatiable Fashions

Go make a call: Candy Metal


Indiana Pants (and the Temple of Monday Mania)

Sorry about the long title, I just couldn’t resist. Anyway, you guys are in luck today for Monday Mania as swaffette Firefly has put her brand new release, the ‘Indiana Pants’, out for L$25.

I love finding things that I haven’t seen around before and these pants are definitely that. Aside from the fact that they are great looking pants overall, they come with this awesome little attachment for the waist of the pants. I’ve been told that’s it called a ‘pie-crust top’ (thanks Faith) and it looks brilliant, it gives the pants a completely different look to just wearing a belt or whacking a shirt over the top of it. I was a little unsure of this part at first and I did have to lower it a little because it came up a little too high on my waist, but it has totally grown on me. It reminds me of characters you might see in a film or something like that who have to cinch the waist of their pants with a length of twine or rope. Luckily for us though, we get an awesome dark brown leather belt to cinch the top of our Indiana pants up with. This attachment comes in a couple of different starting sizes and they each come with two versions – one with a resizer script and one without.

The top isn’t the only great thing about these pants though, you could easily wear them without it because they’re just really well made. The colour is great and the creases give them a slightly baggy look. These pants also come with a pair of easily fitted cuffs which are nicely bunched to add to that baggy look. Of course you can wear the Indiana Pants without the pie-crust top and they’ll still look great but that top adds a whole new dimension to them.

The Indiana Pants are definitely something I recommend you go and get and for today you can pick them up for L$25 for Monday Mania which is an absolute bargain. After today they will be released at their regular price of L$130 which isn’t too shabby either, is it?

Get the gear here: SF Design


Elemiah Design

Elemiah Design - Kiss me 0L

aww isn’t that cute? Kiss me is a gift from Elemiah Design a new-to-me store that I spent a longgg time wandering around, it’s fairly spread out with heaps to see !

Elemiah Design - Grand Opening gift

There is also this twirly girly opening gift for you to sample (it comes with a HUGE hair bow  !) plus 2 skirt options.

If you can tear yourself away from the gorjusness inside the store take a look outside on the walkway, ooodles of goodness from 10-50L line it..youre totally spoilt for choice ! There is also a shoe dept. and casuals… If you join the group (joinin fee applies) there are some truly devine gowns for you to take away also.

go snoop : Elemiah Design


Got the winter blues?

Winter blues sale!

oh lala Jane has a weekend only “winter blues sale” most everything apart from new releases and a few other items are IN it yay! Above I’m wearing one shade of the warm embrace babydoll top, click the pic for a close up of the truly fab texture detail..its sooo dainty and touchabubble..only 35L for this weekend, heaps of colour choices too! (wearing it with the totally addictive lil piggies tights/leggings..BE WARNED, once you buy these you will find it verrrrrry hard to take them off ! ) Only 50 per pack, pants & undies layer, you get 3 shades per pack..mine are welded onto my legs ..

Jane winter blues sale!

I warned you about those darn piggie tights huh? yesyesyes here I am in another colour , teamed up with the intertwine tee in eggplant & the loop de loop scarf. The tee is reduced to 45L for this weekend only (normally 90 !) a few other shades also available, trying really hard not to buy black anymore..the eggplant shade caught my eye! Head over and snap up those weekend bargains !

go get piggie tights : Jane