Can it be 4 years already?

Yessss it can ! Oh my lawd…where did that go. Only seems a little while ago that I started in SecondLife, but today I took the time to go through allll my photos, and look at  the years Ive spent in and around SL.

I think Im fairly lucky in that I have the same friends now, as I had in 2007, and the same partner also..Im like super glue I guess…you get stuck with me !

Found this little gem whilst perusing my piccies..might give you a giggle or five of my noobish self..it was a photo for advertising my first ever rental homes, awww

Circa 2007

Natty shorts set huh? My first ever bit of land, I still miss that place…SO much happened there ! It was where I met Zan, Giasone..it was Players first ever home and where we hung out for almost a year together…Im so chuffed that those I held close to me then..I stilll do today ❤

Thanks to all those who wished me a great day…youre awesomesauce xxx