Last Second Seasons Hunt

I know, I know, the Seasons Hunt is only on for one more day but I was snooping around *Valiant* earlier today and once I saw they were in the hunt, I had to show what they were putting out. After all, I thought, there was still a day to go, plenty of time for you guys to run down and pick this gift up (not that you shouldn’t try getting some of the others while you can too).

The *Valiant* gift for this hunt is called the Men’s Cardigan in dark grey and it’s an absolutely gorgeous jacket. The details on it are wonderful, I especially love the white buttons and black lining to go along with the dark grey colour of the cardigan. There’s even a little safety-pin stuck into coat just above the top button that I didn’t even notice right away, those are the kinds of little things I like a lot. The coat itself is mostly prim, as are the cuffs, but they won’t give you any trouble.

As I said before, there’s only one day of this hunt remaining and I definitely think you should take a stroll over to *Valiant* and grab up this amazing coat while you can, it’s so worth it. You should also see how many other stores you can get to in the time remaining, there are some very good ones in this hunt. You’re looking for a little snowman to get these hunt items.

Get the gear here: *Valiant* (take a look outside, I think the poor little guy is stuck in something) edited by Faith to add “there is one snowman for butterdish and one for the valiant jacket..both seperate locations !)