Getting down to business…

Carrasco's Olive Business Suit

I was chatting to Tesa Carrasco, designer at Carrasco’s, the other day and she was super excited about her new line of business suits. When she showed me the piccies of them I had a strange deja vu moment. For years now I’ve collected clothing from a designer that’s no longer in SL (or real life sadly) and these new suits just so reminded me of her work. It’s the luxurious texturing of the fabric, the detail of things like the buttons, creases in the cloth..I was pretty blown away really (infact, I don’t think I really could express to Tesa how much I adored them, I went all quiet aww lol) Sooo here they are…I hope you feel the same way about them as I do. Each suit comes with trousers and a girly twirly skirt. Check the pics for the close up view..and see what I mean about precise tailoring & details..

Carrasco's Business Suit skirt version in Olive

I’ve always loved a sharp jacket over a girly skirt..just something sooo smexy about it..

Business suit in PINK yay!

I’m hoping Tesa doesn’t mind me telling you this..but shes a fiery redhead..(gotta love them!) anddd I had noticed that she rarely uses my favourite colour in her designs *le-sigh* you knowww PINK ! Tesa says this is because pink doesn’t suit redheads…WHAT!!!! ohmaiiii…so all us blondies have to go without??? no no no…unfair!!! Soooo we had a little chat about this..(I was only teasinggg) and a few hours later..a little parcel arrived in my hot little paws..*faints*.. a suit..bless her cotton redhead socks…in Pinkkkkkkk !!! Not only is it pink but such a glorious shade..sorta faded and strokable..gawd I love it..

Pink business suit Carrasco's

Now the sooper fab news..these suits are up for grabs right now..still hot from the oven ! But..the even better’er news is…for the sixty linden weekend gig, the tan suit is just 60L andddddd right now the rather amazing PINK one is just 75L..both these and the other colours in the range are usually 200L each (which is still very good value for two suits in one) So rushhhhhhh and grab them up today! Guys..get over there, all these outfits are transferable, grreat for valentines gifties huh? Also…the suits that are part of the business collection are just gorjusssss…go see go see ! (I will try to get Player or Steve to show one-off )

More newness? okkkk…

OTB Hunt gift @ Carrasco's

Carrasco’s is also in the Off The Bend hunt (OTB) and thissss frothy creation in purrrrrple & pink is the prize ! I simply adore the striking colours together…youre looking for a purple U , find it and its alllll yours !

Tesa is in a few other hunts & upcoming ones, always check the board outside the store to see whats  happening…usually a LOT is going on !

Go get suited : Carrasco’s