The Secret Store… shhhhh

Peace on earth gift The Secret Store

I was leafing through my landmarks and came across one for the Secret Store..popped over to take a look and stumbled across this gift for the Peace on earth hunt ! It’s the white leaf sweater, daringly low-cut, beautifully cut sleeves..adorabubble !

Cloudy blouse free gift

mooched about taking in all the newness and found a free gift also..just loved this blouse..clean cut, fresh-as-a-daisy isn’t it?

Under the Christmas tree are some massively reduced items, items that are in store at full price..the crimson sweater looked sooooo lully!

Go snoop !

Get freshhh : The Secret Store

For the curious: Jeans from Redgrave,poses Diesel works,Hair by Curio,Skin by Redgrave,eyes by Poetic colors, pendant by Dahlinks,secret smile my own 🙂


A word from all of us

Merry Christmas with love !

Hello everyone ! whoaaaa the big day is almost upon us and as we make that final dashhhh to the finish line we all just wanted to add our seasons greetings to all of you ! Its been a FANTASTIC year..Pure Eggs & Spam has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we’re so grateful to all who have supported us, the designers who have trusted us to show their creations and to everyone who reads our wafflings…*big squidge*. Its been a rollercoaster ride for me this year and just about clung on by my fingertips ! I’m really looking forward to 2011 ! Take care over the festive season, be safe and have fun, I hope the new year finds you in good health , wealth & happiness – Fai x

From Player : I wish you…
More than a lot of gifts and colours,
a heart full of love,
and the serenity that lets you notice
those little but nice things that happen around you:
Those, in their simplicity,
give happiness to those who catch
and appreciate them.
Merry Christmas by PD.


Zan :

Just remember that behind our perfect AVs are real people with all the flaws and worries and joys that we all have.  Don’t let SL become a plaster for what ails you in RL but a place to explore the unlimited boundaries of your imagination.

Be well and be stong.


Steve: Merry Christmas to all

I hope you all have wonderful holidays full of a love and laughter and may you find yourself under lots of mistletoe.



Drivin: My hope is that you  draw close to your circle of loved ones.  Nurture them, and your own soul will be nourished.   My wish is that next year, and every year, that circle may grow.

with love from all of us @ Pure ❤


Santa Visits SF Design

Whether you call him St. Nicholas, Pere Noel, Father Christmas or Santa Claus, most everyone wants to have had a visit from him come Christmas morning. However, if you’re like me and a little unsure as to whether you’ve been good enough to get a visit from him, you could always dress up like Santa and give yourself a gift! That’s where SF Design comes in with this fabulous outfit.

I’ve never dressed up as Santa Claus in either life before so this was definitely something new for me, I hardly recognized myself once I’d gotten it all on but once I did I liked what I saw and Faith even let me go down and frolic with her reindeer. It’s just such a great outfit, chock full of Santa goodness. The base of the outfit is a wonderfully well made pair of pants, shirt and Santa jacket but it’s the attachments that make this one and there are plenty. The SF Design Santa outfit comes with a bottom part of the jacket in the usual two versions (one with a resizer and one without) lovely white fur cuffs and collar. This outfit also comes with an awesome looking Santa hat that plays ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ when you touch the top of it, how cool is that? To top it off, you also get a fur-lined pair of black leather boots and a fluffy white Santa beard both that come in two versions for different resizing options.

Once you’ve got done delivering all the gifts and you’re worn out and ready for bed, you also get these cool Santa boxer shorts to sleep in which look awesome and Christmas-y with their mistletoe and ‘ho ho ho’ designs.

So there you have it a stocking full of Santaness for your Christmas and all this outfit will cost you is L$250! An amazing price for such a lot of gear. So grab your sack of presents, run on down to SF Design and unleash your inner Santa.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Get Yeti with YS&YS !

YS&YS Yeti Boots 70L

oh my Second Life passion…booots ! This week the dressing room has a pair of Yeti boots from one of my favourite shoe stores YS&YS..check them babies out ! The fur is devine and so realistic…perfect caramel shade of brown for winter that is sooper versatile..resize HUD for easy sizing (although I didn’t have to fiddle at all!) Simply gorgeous..and all yours this week only for 70L at the dressing room. Dont forget to go check out YS&YS’s main store..you’ll be verrrry surprised by the quality and inexpensiveness of their shoes & boots !

Go get furrrry : The dressing room     YS&YS main store

For the curious: Navajo jeans by poison, callie coat in callico by Malt, poses by Diesel works


Molto Bello

Wow you guys are in luck today. For her Monday Mania item today, swaffette Firefly has put out her Molto Bello tails tux. If I’ve got it right, Molto Bello means ‘very handsome’ in Italian and in this tux, you will indeed look very handsome.

It’s a beautifully made tux with a vivid red vest and prim cravat (which comes in two different sizes). Aside from the cravat, the only other prims you have to wear are the tails of the tux as the undershirt fills out the sleeves and gives the jacket a thicker look around the sleeves. The tails themselves also come in two sizes. I’ve worn the large size for both of the attachments here and didn’t have to edit them at all and they look great, the tails move wonderfully as you walk.

You can also wear this tux without the jacket, just the shirt, vest with the cravat and it will look just as good. Really, this is an amazing buy for just L$25. I definitely recommend that you go and grab this one while you can and remember to pick it up from the Monday Mania board just inside the men’s section so you can have it at this amazing price.

Get the gear here: SF Design


NOT Mrs Santa hooorrrayyy!

Bubblez has come up trumps again with a seasonal offering, not only at a verrrrrry low price but NOT the usual Christmas thang ! Yes, it IS green & red…and girly..and sooper pretty…NO it is not a Mrs Claus getup…I love how milo bubble makes her floatiness..the skirt on this dress pooooofs up and around as you walk..the bodice has a gauzy layer thats adorable and just peeking out from it is a touch of brassiere & lace…all this could be yours for the small sum of 25L !

Bubblez promotional Christmas dress 25L

Go get pooooofy: Bubblez


Shiki Style

Uh oh, I see Faith beat me to the punch with her Shiki post. But not to worry guys, I’m still going to show you the couple of group gifts I’ve picked up from there too.

First up is the Shiki group gift from October which is this brilliant argyle vneck sweater. It’s oh so simple and stylish, no prims to mess about with, just on it goes. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of argyle patterns, it’s always been associated with golf for me but this sweater may have just changed my mind. It just looks so clean and crisp. It also comes on multiple layers so you can sling something on over the top of it if you like. It’s always good to have choices.

Secondly is the male counterpart to the December group gift Faith showed in her post below called the ‘Winter Outfit’. This outfit includes the pants, turtleneck sweater and jacket you can see in the picture above, all done with Shiki’s usual high quality. The jacket looks black in this picture but actually, it is a very lovely dark brown that goes really well with the olive-green turtleneck and lighter brown pants. Speaking of the turtleneck, it comes  on both the shirt and underpants layer or the jacket layer so you can wear it as a stand alone and the prim collar fits beautifully.

As Faith mentioned, there is a slight fee to join the Shiki group, but with gifts like these plus a whole heap of previous months gifts that you can also collect, it is definitely worth it.

Get the gear here: Shiki Designs