Sock ’em

Well, well it’s the last Monday of 2010 and that means it’s the final Monday Mania of 2010. Where does the time go? Anyway, swaffette Firefly sent me SF Design’s offering for this week’s Monday Mania and it’s a beauty.

These grey ‘sock boots’ are what you can get for Monday Mania this week and they are a great Winter boot. They look like just the thing to go tramping through the snow in with those big, thick sock tops over the boots. The boots themselves look soft but thick and just lovely. I like the colours too since I have so many boots in black and brown, these grey ones make a nice change and look different. As always with SF Design, for the shoe part of these boots you get two versions: one with a resizer script and one without. Also these boots come with that handy alpha layer that  was going on about yesterday, they rock.

So, that’s your SF Design Monday Mania item for this week. The Monday Mania board is just inside the men’s casual clothes section of the store, be quick and get yourself these super boots while you can!

Get the gear here: SF Design