Westminster Style

Coats. Whether it’s in SL or RL, I love them. The more layers the better, that’s my opinion anyway. Fortunately for me (and you guys too) swaffette Firefly dropped me the two new colours she’s released her Westminster suit in: brown and blue to go along with the black one she already has out. Given my tastes, this outfit is just perfect. Now, I’ve got a few suits but what I didn’t have until today, was one with an overcoat included. Layers and coats, I love it!

The Westminster suits do come with a lot of attachments: shoulder pads for the coat, cuffs (for the pants as well), collars and more but they all mesh so well together it’s not a problem at all getting them on and they just fit. Really, this is probably the easiest fit of any other suit I’ve ever had, even ones with less attachments. I literally did not have to fiddle around with any of the attachments, to fit either on myself or with the other attachments, just wore ’em and off I went. Once it’s all on, this suit looks amazing and super stylish. I love the way the overcoat ‘hangs’ when you’re standing still and moves when you’re walking. Thank goodness I’ve got two because I’ll be wearing them quite a bit.

These suits come with two different versions of the tie: one tucked in and one flexi. Both are colour changeable with 8 different colours to choose from and they are also script resizeable if you need it. As you’d imagine, with all the layers, there’s a fair bit of versatility here. Just in case you wanted to wear the suit by itself without the overcoat, the Westminster also comes with ‘backflap’ attachments for the suit jacket to give it a more realistic look.

I can’t say enough about these suits, they are just brilliant. Lastly, the price. For the Westminster suits, you will only pay L$400! I was more than a bit surprised when I found that out, let me tell you. For this quality, I was expecting a bit more. It’s an absolute steal. So get yourself down to SF Design and pick up one, or both, of these amazing outfits.

Get the gear here: SF Design