Peace and chaos

bubblez chaos complete outfit 99L

Ohhhhh yeah we have newwwwness from Bubblez..and its kinda different ..well its VERY different and I’m lovingggg it ! The above outfit is called “chaos” and is all you see and more..if youre in touch with your darker side wear the blood splattered jeans and top..if youre not..theres a whole set without…fahhhbulous belt, even a knife to hold between your toothypegs and a  tattoo “chaos is a friend of mine”..sums me up nicely today . All this on offer currently for just 99L…go snaffle it up !

Bubblez Peace rasta outfit

anddd now for something entirely different…3 new releases from milo yay! Peace (which I’m wearing) Love & Harmony..smoooooth cuffed shorts, come with a long-sleeved Tee, jacket over the top..and AGAIN..another great belt , check out the necklace & bracelets too..arent they to-die-for? Wanna know what my fav little detail is? (cause milo always always always makes me smile with her little touches) it’s the cuffs on the shirt..different from the usual folded up type..with   cute  little diamond heart on each side…Looks gorjuss worn all together BUT..of course I had to try on the pieces with all my other gear..and wowser..this is one hardworking set..every single piece is a great standalone classic..dont get that often…great styling Miss Bubble ! 3 colour ways to choose from 249L each set.

Go get bloody & peaceful : Bubblez


more more more & Pinkness

THonii Shoes FashionPunk Pink

oh yay! Tyfany Honi the creator of those fahhhbulous boots below DID make more *squeals* and not only are they soooper pritty shoes but they are also PINK ! A slightly different take on the usual stiletto and really nicely made, my only wish? Is for a re-sizer script or perhaps make them mod, justtt to get that purrrfect fit – but at 10L whos complaining -not meeee

Find them here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/THonii-Shoes-FashionPunk-Pink/1644895



ahhh an old favourite store PixelDolls, wandered over to have a mooch today as they always have some sooper deals & sales on, and guess whut? I found some tres bon frocks for free ! I wasnt really even looking, just sort of stumblebumbled over them in the dress department ..click the pics for a closer view!

PixelDolls Fade Velvet Dress 0L

My personal favourite of the four is this..deliately detailed and a little bit different than whats around at the moment.

PixelDolls Fade Wrap Dress 0L

The fade wrap dress is a very simple design, which makes it sooper easy to wear, dress up etc..

PixelDolls Fade Shirt Dress 0L

Second fav ! great cuffs, casual elegance for day or night ..

PixelDolls Fade Brocade Dress 0L

I adore brocade , the detailing on this sumptuous little dress is superb

Head over for a wander about, the store is huge with simply heaps to see. The above dresses are located in the dress dept under a table on the far right as you enter. You wont be disappointed you went !

Go get pixelled: PixelDolls


A ribbon for the weekend

Snagged a gorjuss dollarbie…and built a little weekend shopper look around it…brrrr might need a jacket if its chilly…click the pic for a closer view !

RibboN Animal Fur Minione 1L

Never been to RibboN before but they have some cuter than cute gear…saw this dress/shirt dollarbie on the counter and decided to do the old  try-before-i-buy routine (I alwaysss try a dollarbie on first before splurging cash in stores I don’t know!) and I have to say I adore it! Can be worn as a shirt over leggings or tights etc..long enough to cover yer bits as a dress too…I teamed mine with some VERY old lace edged leggings from kitties lair, one of Janes new scarfs “loop de loop” in cherry (dont forget Jane has a pack of these fabbo scarves for freee out at the moment) and an old hunt gift from YS&YS the “Espalmador” bag…

Now…wheres my credit cards…Im all set to gooooo !

Get the look: RibboN

Get the scarf: Jane


10 times

THonii Vitela ankle boots 1L

yum yum yum lookie what I found ! A special offer for ONE week on xstreet…not sure how long they’ve been up for so grab them while you can. YES you get 10 colours of this snazzy little boot for only 1 L ! Arent they divine? I’m wearing one in strong red and one in white and allllll the colours are rather fabbo…such a useful addition to your wardrobe ! Made by Tyfany Honi, looks to be her only creation so far, lets hope she makes more!

Get them here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/THonii-VITELA-10-Colors-for-You/1641147



Schwarz Nanami Hair attachment

*squeals* ohhhhh I have received a gift from Schwarz ! And its soooooper delishhh…the Nanami hair attachment is worn with a tattoo layer hair base (that matches perfectly) to give this sleeeeek drawn back hair style with cascading locks…so chic ! I’m a blondey girl but this shade is just dahling for the winter months…thank you Gelsi!

Join the Schwarz design group in store (only 10L to join I think ) and check the history to snaffle it up…dont forget to take a mooch around, there’s been a LOT of newness lately in store too! Guys there’s plenty for you too..if you didn’t go grab those gift tanks, do it now!

Go get sleek : Schwarz


A Sacred Change

It’s been a while since I’ve worn both a new hair and new skin at the same time and I had completely forgotten what a huge difference it makes to your look. But as they say: a change is as good as a holiday so I went out and took some pictures of a couple of group gifts for you guys.

The first one obviously is the skin and it’s the group gift from *Sacred*. It’s a version of Wavie Haller’s brand new skin called ‘Robert’ and it was supposed to be included in the normal pack but fortunately for us, he decided to use this one as a group gift instead. I really like *Sacred* skins so obviously I was very happy to go and grab this one up, and even though I found it was very different to Ethan, the one I normally wear, I still thought it was a wicked looking skin. It’s quite a light shade but I don’t tan that well anyway. The details on the body and face are wonderful, not over muscular but still very nicely defined. A nice moustache for Movember as well. Also included are some viewer 2 layers for eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and lip shadows. It’s only L$50 to join the group – absolutely worth it.

The second group gift is hair from **Dura**. I’d never been to this store before but from what I’ve seen so far, I like it. There are three different group gifts you can pick up from the store once you’ve joined and all are very cool looking styles. The one I’m wearing today is simply called ‘group gift’ and it comes in both brown and platinum.

So hopefully you’ve got room to join these two groups (make some if you don’t!) then run on down to the stores and check them out. *Sacred* have a very cool line of skins and shapes available and **Dura** have a lot of different styles of hair to choose from for both guys and girls. Both stores sell their gear at great affordable prices considering the quality. Take the trip today and make a change.

Get the gear here:
Skin  – *Sacred* Group Gift – Robert (To join the group just check out Wavie Haller’s profile and click the -Sacred Skins- group and join, I couldn’t find a group joiner in the store itself)
Hair – **Dura** Group Gift (You’ll find the group joiner right near the entrance where the group gifts are)