Thank God it’s Monday

Yes you heard me right. Thank God it’s Monday. Strange person that I am, I like weekdays and Monday is when the weekday is at its shiniest. Not only that, there’s always good stuff to find for great prices in Second Life thanks to Monday Mania and so with that in mind, I took a trip down to SF Design to see what swaffette Firefly had put out today and found these ‘red tartan sneakers’.

‘Old school sneakers made with old school prims’ says the tagline and they are quite old school looking sneakers but what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all says I. These are some very good looking sneakers, the red tartan really pops from the white base and with a pair of jeans they look wicked. As is usual from SF Design you get two versions of these sneakers: one with a resizer script including and one without so you can fiddle with them.

The best part of these cool, well made sneakers, is the fact that for Monday Mania, they will only cost you L$25! So do yourself a favour and get down to SF Design and pick up a brilliant bargain today.

Get the gear here: SF Design

2 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Monday”

    1. Hi Eliza
      My apologies, I should have mentioned that the L$25 version of the shoes is available from the Monday Mania board which is just inside the men’s section. I’ve updated the link to hopefully land a little closer to it. Thank you 🙂



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