Bag of Tricks

I have to admit that I’ve never really gone out of my way to get myself a bag before, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bag before, period. This all changed the other day when Zan Beck sent me a picture of this amazing bag that you can pick up from [Bukka] as a gift for joining up with their subscribo. I’d been to [Bukka] before to grab a pair of jeans and so I knew they made some cool gear and once I saw the picture of this bag, I was there.

I don’t know too much about bags, I was expecting it to go over the shoulder, but as you can see, this one doesn’t. It fits around your waist more like a belt but I certainly didn’t have any complaints about that and besides, it just looks so good. The detailing on this bag are just simply fantastic (click the pics for a closer look), from the buckles on the strap to the leather of the bag itself. I also like the way they’ve stamped the store name into the leather, it really is a very realistic looking bag.

So if you’re into carrying around a bag or even if you’re like me and never really gone looking for one, this is one you shouldn’t miss out on. Run on down to the store and hit up the subscribo and then have a gander around the store and check out their stock of awesome accessories and clothes.

Get the gear here: [Bukka]