…Scars… Like These

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone! Yes, I am in a great mood today and one of the reasons why is that I have found a great new store, new to me at any rate. I was wandering around the “SuperElite Japan Fashion Week” sim the other day, gawking at all the great designs, when I saw a store name that I hadn’t heard of before. Of course I took a closer look, very much liked what I saw, and decided to pay a visit to the mainstore.

I marked a lot of items there to go back and get a later date and I bet you will too because …Scars… has some killer clothes (I’m dying to get back and grab one of their K-coats). I also joined the group while I was there because you can score quite a few high quality gifts while you’re buying some fabness. Speaking of which, the pictures above and below will show you some of the gifts you can get.  The first picture shows the ‘Print T’ group gift which is a wonderfully simple, grungy shirt with skull design. It comes with sculpted cuffs and that’s it, no messing about at all. I love the wrinkled, slightly dirty look to it. The hair is also a gift and is called, aptly enough, ‘Free Hair’ and it comes in three different colours, black, light brown and dark brown. The little guy on my shoulder is yet another freebie and is called ‘hide’. He’s very cool looking but don’t make fun of his pink hair, he has a ‘don’t mess with me’ expression on his little face.

Last but not least is the Kowai hair gift below which is a very cool style, all long and tousled looking. A word of warning, however, I tinted mine a little to make it darker and more brownish. The original colour of the hair is red and since I have enough red hair of my own in real life I changed the colour because it was too nice a hair not to keep 🙂

Get the gear here: …Scars…