A *Valiant* New Store

Over the years I’ve developed quite a little collection of *Valiant* gear, the first time I came across their clothes was a giveaway board at another store and I loved the different spin they put on some of the more usual clothes (at least that’s what I thought anyway). So I was hooked and had to pay the main store a visit and since then I’ve always kept going back. So, when I found out that Wavie Haller and Ruby Sinclair had set up a new mainstore with new releases, of course I was going to go pay it a visit. Gladly I found that *Valiant* still have the same great look to their clothes at the same affordable prices, just in a new store so I picked up a little something to show you all.

It’s called ‘Outfit 1’ and a great outfit it is, featuring a tanktop and jeans which sounds simple enough but they both look so good it seems like much more. I love the black & white tank, it’s clean and cool looking and comes with a prim ‘bottom’ which gives it a great loose look. The black jeans have a slight faded look to them and the denim texture is awesome, as is the creasing. The jeans come with three different types of prim cuffs: a straight cuff, a rolled cuff and the comfort cuff which I’m wearing here (click the pics for a closer view). Each type of cuff comes with its own version of the jeans and within those  you can choose to wear them with a belt or without. Both the tank and the jeans come on multiple layers (jacket, shirt and undershirt for tucked and untucked options for the tank and pants and underpants layers for the jeans).

The jeans and tank aren’t the only things you get with this outfit, oh no. You also get a couple of accessories which are a wicked leather watch and bottle cap chain necklace, both of which are really well made and look awesome. So, there you have it, all this gear will cost you just L$200 which is a low, low price for these clothes and accessories. Get on down to their new store and check out the newness and you can also play a memory game there for prizes which aren’t available to buy (I was hopeless at it and lost boo).

Get the gear here: *Valiant*

Skin – *Sacred* Ethan Tone 3 Shaved
Hair – *Argrace* Baseball Cap “Curly” Dark Brown
Shoes – Gos [Docs] 8 Hole
Tattoo – Aitui Vintage Hawaii Faded


Jane, Mrs Luv and a Sheer Madness Deal for a Day!!

ohhhhh I have newness to show you from Jane ! When I saw this new coat by Janie Marlowe I began to get that slightly out-of-breath feeling, that tiny hammering in my chest..that signals…”I HAVE to have itttt”, it’s so me..its so youu…click the pic for its full on glory!

Mrs Luv coat in Autumn Plaid 150L

*exhalesssss* ok..now its in my grubby little paws I can relax a moment and tell you allll about it. First off, as you have probably noticed, it’s NOT pink…I know I know…its NOT pink and I’m excited about it , oh mai! Its plaid…all cozy snuggly autumn shades, cinched around the waist with a big ole belt…vintage looking furry collar to keep those breezes off your neck..it just exudes comfort…but yet is chic and fresh…it really IS the sort of coat I could do with finding in real life. What I loved was the total lack of prim fiddling required to wear it…yay! Right out of the box..and on my impatient bones..gotta love that right? It’s all yours for a mere 150L (there’s another green colour option too!)

Sooo whats all this about “Madness deal for the day” ? look below my lovelys.another bundle of newwwwness…

Jane essence raven-full suit

When Janie re-opened her thoughts were to make outfits that you can buy bits & bobs of, or  the full monty…and here we have a prime example..only this time…with a twist for today! For today ONLY,you can purchase the full suit for just 50L ! anddd for today ONLY  the greedy pack of coordinating Tshirts for 50L (3 colours,egg-plant,pewter & charcoal shades)

Jane essence tee eggplant

 So for 100L you have a glorious suit with a perfect shawl collared jacket  and delicately buttoned trousers with prim cuffs..amazing ! After today, it goes to normal pricing, which to be honest is very inexpensive. If you wanted just the gorjus jacket its 100L, or maybe you just need those pants, yours for 100L, perhaps you adore those Tshirt’s with the moon & tree branches draped across..you can have just them  also! Mix & match at its best.. I adore suits, and this one will work with other items so well in my SL wardrobe as well as on its own.

Iam truly excited about whats in the pipeline…dont forget to join the group so you too can stay abreast of  whats happening at Jane !

Go get suited: Jane

umm psssssst…I also couldnt resist picking up another of the free packs of intrinsic tanks…the chocolate ones this time !


Juicy is threeeee!

Doesnt happen often that a shopping sim gets to be a mature 3 years old..but Juicy did it! Its a fun place to shop and I love wandering around it. What can I say, all THEE best things are born in October *wink*

Sooo a whole boat load of designers decided to celebrate this by setting out some birthday gifties for us hurrah! I’ve selected a few of my favourites to show you…*twirrrrrrrls* and lotsssss of it is PINK…yesss indeedy, PINK is a real gooood birthday’ish colour I always say.

Soo less waffle from moi and on with the show..click the pics for a closer view !

ouTRage birthday dress for Juicy

isn’t this just a purfect party dress? Super girly ! (and of course..PINK )

Schwarz juicy dress

Schwarz really went to town to celebrate with this stunning purply dress, gorjuss satin fabric with a dahling lace trim…check out the back

Schwarz juicy dress

verrrrry smexy huh? lowww dipping back ! Notice the skin? Welllll Gelsi has also included that in her gift box…I have to say…its just divine…such glossy PINK  lips…*swoooon*..and she isn’t finished there, oh noesss more goodness..

Schwarz sheer birthday tank (unisex)

A rather norty sheer top (unisex boys!) anddddd

Schwarz juicy pants & top

This! Its soooo PINK ! The detailing is superb…great skinny fit pants and a cropped tshirt…yummm

Flirt birthday dress

ooOOOooo the pinkness continues with Flirts birthday offering…such a retro feel…very twirly and party’ish

alice project hair *amara*

Alice project have offered this amazing hair…it has all sorts of options, for resizing, different hair colours & streaks! (shown with the Schwarz skin for a close up)

Timmy sculptie jacket

w-o-w such a great jacket…not pink but glorrrrrious zesty orange ! Top notch quality…fitted beautifully with no editing required !

Last but by no means least…

Twinkleberry necklace,brits hair,instinct fall dress

*Brit* hair by Britney Hadlee has been around foreverrrrr…my very first non-noob hair was from her ! If this new *just for the party* hair release is anything to go by, shes gonna be around always..I just LOVE it! It is only available for this birthday celebration at the moment, so go ge tit ! Love the Twinkleberry necklace soooo much and Instinct gave this chocolate brown uhmm *dress*, I’m thinking its more a tank top though as I just wouldn’t wear it out with no panties !

Happy Birthday Juicy, may you have many many more..and a biggg thank you to ALL the designers who so generously helped make it a special occasion ! The juicy event is on from today till the 30th October ! Dont forget, I just grabbed a *highlight* of whats there. go see !

Go get JUICY! : Juicy


Men’s Stuff

SB Menswear Aspen Cardigan - L$0

As many of you would know already, the Make Him Over group is no more 😦 A shame, I know, but don’t be too sad because a new group has sprung up to save the day. It’s called ‘menstuff’ and is run by Rob1977 Moonites and Ivy Maverick. You’ll find that it’s very similar to the MHO group, a lot of the same designers giving a lot of information about their new releases, gifts and anything in between.

Speaking of gifts, I was looking through the back catalogue of notices from the menstuff group and found a couple of gifts for us guys from a couple of cool stores. First up is the ‘Aspen Caridgan’ from SB Menswear. This is just such a brilliant cardigan, I love the texturing on it, it’s very snuggly as Faith would say. The cream and black colours look great and it also comes with a prim collar and cuffs that are no sweat to fit at all.

Style for Him Men's Black VNeck - L$0

 Secondly is a simple black vneck shirt from Style for Him. I’m a fan of vnecks  and I wear them a lot when I’m in the mood for something that looks stylish without going to all the hassle of attaching collars, cuffs and whatever else there may be. This is a great example of the vneck: the neckline isn’t too deep, it’s got great texturing and shading and it’s black! The creases in this shirt make it a great casual shirt to wear about with jeans.

So, there you have it. Two great gifts from great stores for you to have a look around and a new group to join to keep up to date in all the latest from a load of men’s fashion designers (search Rob1977 Moonites profile to join the menstuff group). Pretty good score if you ask me 🙂 Both of these groups are located right near to the landing points but don’t forget to have a look around and see what else you can find.

Get the gear here:
Aspen Cardigan: SB Menswear
Men’s Black Vneck: Style for Him

Oh and since I haven’t had a chance on here before now, I want to belatedly wish our fearless leader Faithless Babii a Happy Birthday for last Friday. She’s been a wonderful friend for a long, long time and is just an amazing person besides that. I’m very glad to have known you for so long and I hope you had a great birthday xx


Such a shame…part deux!

Glamorize 5L mish mash

Ohhh that smooooth Mister Sideways and his silver tongue ! Of course I had to go over to glamorize and re snoop now he’s mentioned it again! Theres been a bit of a store layout change..which actually is pretty cool, now you can see all the items on one floor yay! I noticed items I hadn’t previously seen and gathered a couple of things to make up this ensemble. Just adored the Paisley pants, gorjuss texture on them,teamed with the shooting star tank and the paisley scarf for a fabbo style! Total cost 5L..*faints* The scarf comes in heaps of colours and there’s plenty of jeans & capris…plus tanks, camisoles…all from 1-3 Lindens a shot !

Glamorize shooting star tank & paisley scarf

Click the pics for a closer more detailed view…then go get GLAMOROUS!

Taxi to go : Glamorize


Such a shame, and such a sweater!

Wow, I came to tell you about a new sweater but then I got a look at those WAAAAY hawt pix of Fai! DAY-UM!

*removes sweater*

*takes cold shower*

Ok, now I can continue.

If you’re wondering what’s “such a shame” in the title, its a shame for me to post something and drive those window-steaming pix of Fai away down the page and out of sight. That is the “such a shame” part, and now for “SUCH a SWEATER!”

Desdemona Young at SD Wears is once again giving us an extremely high-quality item as gift #3 in the “A is for Autumn” hunt.

This is called the “Hold Me Tightly Sweater” and it can be found in several colors at the front of the store in the “new release” area. The hunt gift holds a red/black checkered sweater for him and one for her, so take your main squeeze along. In the above shot I’m wearing a Tee underneath, which is not included. What is included are prim cuffs, a prim hoodie and a prim bottom. It even looks great without the bottom prim for a tucked-in look (as seen below).

Hop on over to SD Wears and look for an acorn. Go to the front and check these out in the New-Item area and you’re not far away.

The sign up front announces that right now ALL shirts and pants are on sale at SD Wears for only $L50, and all outfits are only $L100 so the time is right to not only grab this awesome hunt gift, but bring your wallet and freshen that entire wardrobe for a very small Lindenwad!


I am also excited about Yoko Leeroy’s Dark Indigo jeans from .:Glamorize:. These are perfect for when you want a brand-NEW jeans look, at only TWO Lindens!

Personally, I don’t keep torn ragged jeans in my RL closet or in my SL inventory. If I see a hunt gift that contains any pants labeled “torn”, “trashed”, “ripped”, or anything similar I hit the LM and then slam the whole folder right into the recycle bin without even a try-on-see. Am I the only person in SL who feels that way? Sometimes I think so.

These jeans, however, are a beautiful dark, not-even-washed-yet color. Add in the vivid white stitching and it looks like you just went shopping this morning and really want to impress.

They are mod/copy/no transfer and IMO work equally well for either gender. You’ll find them on the back wall of the store with two other colors called “Wild Fade” and “Favorite Black”. This store has LOTS of original, well-textured casualwear for both guys and gals priced at under 10L!

I DEF recommend you take a stroll through .:Glamorize:. in Keauhou Beach and see it all! SEE it all? Buy it all.


Aleida Hunt

Aleida Hunt gifts Bashanti shirt & Ale pants

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m off to a good start as I stumblebumbled across this hunt at Aleida whilst out shopping. There are several gifts scattered about the store , hidden in pumpkins. I’m just showing two of them, because….well…..its Sunday and I’m feeling lazyyyy. Click the pics for a closer look (beware there is nipplage oh maiii) The blouse is uber pritty, lacy with ruffles around the shoulders and deep swirly cuffs, I adore the simple pants, really well cut, and no prim cuffs to play around with SCORE ! I noticed a few other steal deals around whilst I was wandering..go check it out!

Go huntin : Aleida